August 20, 2014

Secrets Of Hollywood Programming Revealed

We’ve seen Hollywood crack the code in so many storylines over the decades, from DaVinci Code to Minority Report, but what about cracking the Hollywood code? One blogger is doing just that. While watching Elysium, computer programmer John Graham-Cumming decided to track down the code used in the movie to reboot the space station. After a little research he found that the code was taken directly from the Intel software developer’s manual, which he thought funny and tweeted. He got so much response that he launched a Tumblr of movie codes. Turns out cracking movie codes is pretty simple. Here’s an interesting one. When Tony Stark boots up his suit for the first time in “Iron Man,” the code is actually programming language from a Lego computer. So John, are you saying that life and death codes in Hollywood movies are nothing more than an illusion?

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