September 17, 2013

We’re All Polluted

New research presented at the CleanUp 2013 scientific contamination conference in Melbourne, shows that we’ve all been physiologically and biochemically polluted by man-made chemicals. And it’s a global problem. The dangers of low-level chemical pollution in our air, water and food have been known since the 80s, but there has been a slow response to deal with it worldwide. Such toxic substances like mercury and lead have been linked to chronic health issues and can be found in everyday items—from cosmetics to food. Toxic pollutants can affect people on the genetic level, which can be passed on to children and grandchildren. Scientists say that governments and health professionals need to respond quicker to these health issues associated with pollution, and we need better training of healthcare workers to diagnose chemical poisoning.

[ Read the Article: Biochemical Pollution From Man-Made Substances: The Ignored Epidemic? ]

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