October 17, 2013

Global View On The Health Of Our Oceans

A new study is taking a comprehensive look at how carbon emissions and warming temperatures will affect the oceans, and what effect that will have on humans. They studied 32 marine habitats and biodiversity hotspots to determine each location’s susceptibility to climate change, and looked at data on human dependence on the ocean for goods and services. From their overall view, they said that – without mitigation – nearly every place in the world’s ocean will be affected by 2100 which in turn will affect humans who rely on the ocean for food and work. The ocean will see an increase in acidification, a decrease in oxygen and diversity, and a rise in the overall PH level. They found that coral reefs, sea grass beds, and shallow soft-bottom marine habitats would be the most changed. Researchers said this is “one legacy that we as humans should not ignore.”

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