December 4, 2013

Belching For The Ladies, Koala-Style

Koalas might look cute and cuddly, but they mean business when it comes to finding a koala woman. Researchers in the UK are studying the mating sounds of male koala bears that defy their size and cuteness. It’s a low pitch bellow of sorts. It’s thanks to a newly discovered organ that looks and acts like another set of vocal chords outside of the larynx. The male koala exhales with gusto making a sound that resembles belching. But men, you couldn’t make that sound if you tried. This organ has never before been seen in land-dwelling animals, and allows the koala to produce a pitch 20 times lower than expected for their size so they can impress the ladies.

[ Read the Article: Mating ‘Belch’ Of The Male Koala Created By Novel Organ ]

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