February 25, 2014

Who Can’t Take The MarsOne Trip?

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment located in the United Arab Emirates issued a fatwa—an edict based on Quranic scripture—against the MarsOne project saying that a one-way trip to another planet with no potential return to Earth posed a risk to life that can “never be justified in Islam.” Basically they’re saying it’s a suicide mission and that you will be punished in the Hereafter as such. But MarsOne is saying hold up Islam to try to hang on to their 500 potential Muslim candidates who have applied for the program. MarsOne said to the GAIAE, the project will give Muslims “the chance to become the Neil Armstrong of Mars.” And that they have to think of Mars as a potentially habitable planet waiting for participants. So basically think positive. And that “it’s certainly worth the risk involved.

[ Read the Article: Newly Issued Fatwa Prohibits Muslims From Taking One-Way Mission To Mars ]

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