September 9, 2013

Pacific Ocean Home To World’s Largest Volcano

Researchers from the University of Houston have confirmed the existence of the world’s largest single volcano at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And its size is literally out of this world! Tamu Massif sits 6,500 feet below the surface, just off the east coast of Japan, and is so big researchers are comparing it to Mars’ massive Olympus Mons volcano. Tamu Massif covers 120,000 square miles – six times larger than Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, which is the largest active volcano on Earth. Sitting 6,500 feet below the surface and 1,000 miles East of Japan, Tamu Massif isn’t the steep cone you would expect but has a uniquely low, broad shape formed from lava that flowed great distances. Researchers said studying how the magma that formed it came from the Earth’s mantle is important in learning more about how the Earth’s interior works.

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