January 1, 2014

Meteor Shower Guide For 2014

A new year brings with it a new opportunity to watch shooting stars, so NASA released a list of the easiest to observe and most active meteor showers stargazers can expect to see in 2014. And we don’t have long to wait. The Quadrantids will kick off this week, peaking on January 3 with the moon providing good viewing conditions. Both the Lyrids and the Eta Aquariids will light up the skies in April. A summer shower of the Southern Delta Aquariids will be seen from mid-July to late August. The Perseids will also steal a bit of the show in the summer sky. The last quarter of 2014 will see the Orionids, the Leonids, and the Geminids. NASA said the upcoming year should be a “favorable year” for October’s Orionid shower. Cheers to that!

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