January 21, 2013

Surrogate Needed To Carry Neanderthal Clone Baby – The Daily Orbit

Move over the Bachelor – there’s a more romantic show for tonight!

Researchers need a surrogate mother for what?!

And is being CEO at home and CEO at the office too much for mom?

All that and more coming up on the Daily Orbit!

Hello and welcome to the Daily Orbit. I’m Emerald Robinson.

Tonight is a rendezvous between Jupiter and the moon. Ohhhh la la la. And you can watch it too! The Slooh Space Camera will be broadcasting live feeds of the event starting tonight at 6:00 pm Eastern. The waxing gibbous moon will appear just one degree south of Jupiter, the closest path until 2026. An added bonus to the dance? Jupiter’s Great Red Spot will be traveling across the middle of Jupiter’s disk. Well personally, I think this cosmic romance beats out The Bachelor! Sorry Sean. We hope you find love tonight too!

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” I had to do that. Looks like we have a modern day Dr. Frankenstein on our hands! Dr. George Church, a geneticist at Harvard Medical, says that he is close to being able to clone a Neanderthal and all he needs is an “adventurous” woman to carry the child. First step is sequencing the Neanderthal genome – done! Then he would have to divide the genome into thousands of fragments, synthesize them, and then introduce them into a human stem cell. Finally, he said they would assemble the chunks (yuck) in a human stem cell — creating a Neanderthal clone. But some scientists say it ain’t quite that easy. First, they say the DNA is possibly too old and that the technical challenges are enormous. My question is what lady would agree to this? Count me out!

Been a victim of an online hack? Yes, I too have unknowingly told my friends and followers how to earn extra cash fast or that someone has a HUGE crush on them. Well, Google is looking for a way to make online accounts more secure and that may be by doing away with the password. According to Wired, 2012 may have been the year that the password broke with millions of people getting hacked. And Google’s answer to this problem? A ring on your finger or a card in your wallet that would give “plug and play” capability. They are looking to a smartcard imbedded finger ring that you could tap on your computer to gain access to email and such or a cryptographic card that fits in any USB port. They say these cards would also be more convenient than having to remember a difficult, lengthy password. Well, they might thwart the encryption decoding hackers but I doubt even the cards will keep out suspicious girlfriends checking on their man.

And there may have been Martian water after all! The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered evidence of a wet underground environment which means that the planet could have once been home to a groundwater-fed lake. Spectrometer data collected by the probe on the floor of the McLaughlin Crater showed the flat, layered rocks there contain carbonate and clay minerals which typically indicate the presence of water. Researchers said “this new report and others are continuing to reveal a more complex Mars than previously appreciated.”

Cause I’m gopherin’, chaufferin’, company chairman. Well turns out Kenny Chesney really nailed it with that one. A new study shows that women who are in charge of a family and day-to-day household necessities are far less driven to excel professionally. Based on findings from three studies, polling home and work-related issues, researchers found that women who ran the home did not have the same professional drive as women who shared control of the household with their husbands. This, however, was not true of the men polled who demonstrated the same professional drive no matter the household situation. Researchers say this study demonstrates that women face more hurdles when they have to be active at both the home and office.

That’s all for today’s Daily Orbit. Been juggling, struggling, closing big deals. Dancing backwards in high heels.

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