October 28, 2013

Our Sun Is Flaring Up

It’s that time again when the sun starts acting up! The sun goes through a natural solar cycle about every 11 years, which is visible in the increase or decrease of sunspots that appear on the surface of the sun. When there is an increase, the sun is said to be approaching a “solar maximum.” Well, there has been a noticeable increase in sunspots over the past several years, and experts say that a solar maximum is upon us. With that comes solar flares and coronal mass ejections which can affect spacecraft, satellites, and knock out electronic systems. NOAA reported several solar flares this week with the latest occurring October 25. From their observations of the recent activity, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center is forecasting a solar storm for today. But not to worry, they are only expecting a G1, which is a minor Geomagnetic storm. They say updates will be given as conditions unfold.

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