July 31, 2013

Emerald Give Us A Recap Of Her Favorite Stories: Day Three – The Daily Orbit

Hello and welcome to a special vacation edition of the Daily Orbit.   And that’s vacation as in I am on vacation. So we’re looking back at some of the episodes of the Daily Orbit that we love.  In this episode we break it down with Mother Earth.

Who’s got the latest attention getting beats?

Why a fish tale is getting a whole lot shorter.

And thoughts of going gray got you down?  L’Oreal says don’t worry.

All that and more on the Daily Orbit!

Hello and welcome to the Daily Orbit…I’m Emerald Robinson.

What’s the latest music sensation? Bieber or the Black-Eyed Peas…guess again?  It’s Mother Earth spinning some beats.  NASA’s twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes are capturing Earth’s song which stems from the Van Allen Belts that envelope Earth.  This song, referred to as Chorus, is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in our planet’s radiation belts.  NASA says this is what the radiation belts would sound like if we had radio antennas for ears. The sounds waves do not derive from acoustic waves but are a product of radio waves that oscillate at acoustic frequencies.  And now here’ s the Earth song remix!

Is it just me or is fish getting extra “shrimpy” lately? According to new research by scientists here in North America, warming water is shrinking the average fish size and fish stock population.   They predict the average body weight of 600 fish types to shrink 14 to 24% by 2050 at our current carbon emissions rate.  This is because fish need oxygen for metabolism.  When the water temperature goes up, the water’s oxygen level goes down.  Less oxygen, means the fish stop growing sooner and smaller fish produce fewer and smaller eggs.  Holding up shrimp: well it might not be fish, but I still think my shrimp is getting a little shrimpier….

Awww….isn’t that puppy so cute…yes he is…yes he is. Okay now I can concentrate on what I have tell you— a new study shows cute pics of puppies may improve your concentration.  Psychologists in Japan say that viewing pictures of kittens or puppies actually improved the ability of test subjects to concentrate and focus.  Researchers say test subjects who viewed pictures of the baby animals showed a 33% greater improvement in concentration than those who viewed pictures of adult animals. They concluded that cute images make participants behave more deliberately and perform tasks with greater care.  See and I feel like I can’t concentrate on the next story because he’s just too cute…

As we keep bringing you stories of robots…cheetah-bot, mule-bot, Nexi….I am starting to feel as if a robotic take over is inevitable!   Now scientists are developing the bee-bot –  an autonomous flying bee robot that will be able to think like a bee in order to find certain sights and smells.  This robot will be able to act on it’s own without human instruction with it’s bee-inspired brain.  This will be the first time a robotic brain has been built to perform tasks similar to those carried out by actual animals and insects.  The bees could be used in rescue missions and even to perform the job of pollination.

Here’s a surprising report: the cosmetic company L’Oreal says that gray hair isn’t as common as we all thought.  Just when you think a hair color company would be looking to prove otherwise, L’Oreal says they found that as few as one in ten adults over 60 are 50 percent gray.  The study also found that less than a quarter of its 60 year old participants had any gray hair at all.  And here’s good news for us ladies– men are 7 percent more likely to develop gray hair than women.  Hmm… Well, I’m just saying, I don’t have any.

That’s it for the Daily Orbit!  Catch ya tomorrow!

Outro:  Hey what happened to the music?  Thanks for watching we will back Monday with an all-new episode of the Daily Orbit.  There we go!  See you tomorrow for another one of our favorites!

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