January 30, 2014

Study Shows Yoga Can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

There are few experts who debate the physical benefits of yoga. Regular practice can not only improve your balance, it can help you become stronger and more flexible as well. But some say linking yoga to actual medical benefits is a real “stretch.” That is, until now. Researchers at The Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center — James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute have completed the largest study ever of the medical benefits of yoga, and their findings are significant.

“We looked at blood samples of some 200 breast cancer survivors over the course of five years, and found that even modest practice of yoga could have huge benefits,” said Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ph.D., who led the study.

“Six months after taking up yoga, we found in these patients that fatigue dropped 57 percent, and inflammation markers in the blood dropped up to 20 percent,” she said. The more a woman practiced yoga, the better her results.

The study is published in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Credit: Ohio State University

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