September 10, 2013

Tomorrow’s Discoveries – Experiencing Zero Gravity

Venturing into space is unlike anything else we humans experience. The cold vacuum of space requires specially designed living environments, and incredible levels of engineering to perform even routine tasks. But it is the zero gravity environment of space that can be the ultimate challenge.

We recall famous events, such as Apollo 13, where lives were nearly lost because a small fire ignited. On Earth, a small blaze would not be of much concern, but in the vacuum tight, zero gravity reality of space, it can be deadly.

To better understand zero gravity environments, NASA invests significant time and resources into simulating these conditions. Specifically, they want to know how fire persists and moves when gravity is absent.

We wanted to get a first hand look, and see the important research taking place, so we traveled to the Zero G facility at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Join us as we examine the research that will protect the next generation of astronauts on Tomorrow’s Discoveries.

credit: redOrbit

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