Average Amount of Sex by Country – Who’s the World Leader of Passion?

Various factors can influence the average amount of sex by country – religion demographics, history, culture – all which impact the way certain countries think about sex.

However, it’s not only the amount of sex, as recent research includes a wide range of other factors in their survey. For example, sexual satisfaction also plays a part in the grand scheme of things, as well as the duration of the encounter, or number of partners.

In this article, we examine the best and worst countries when it comes to sexual encounters and also take a look at some other interesting statistics.

Countries with the Highest Amount of Sexual Encounters

The online data about the average amount of sex by country varies. A research conducted in 2014 calculates the average amount of annual sexual encounters per country.

According to that research, Greece is the most sexually active country in the world with 164 yearly encounters. This means that every mature citizen of Greece has sex at least once every two days. This statistic isn’t strange, as Greeks are typically open and honest about sex and sexual desires.

The ten most sexually active countries (excluding Greece) are:

  • Brazil (145 sexual encounters)
  • Russia (143)
  • Poland (143)
  • India (130)
  • Switzerland (123)
  • Mexico (123)
  • China (122)
  • New Zealand (122)
  • Italy (121)

Other than the Top Ten, it’s worth noting several other countries reputable for their sex life. Spain, for example, is renowned as a country of passion and sexual energy. Almost a quarter of Spaniards are extremely satisfied with their sex life, while more than 90% of the population stated that they enjoy sex. Also, a recent poll that surveyed 15,000 women stated that the Spaniards are the best lovers.

Nigeria is another country that often tops the sex charts. It’s one of the most sexually satisfied nations in the world, and also tops the endurance list with average sex lasting around 25 minutes.

Besides Nigeria, the Netherlands is also notable for its good sex life, and not only because of the Red-Light District! It is said that people from the Netherlands are open and confident at expressing their sexual fantasies and needs, similar to Greeks.

The Least Sexually Active Countries

Compared to the countries above, these countries have the least sex out of all other countries worldwide:

  • Japan – 34%
  • USA – 53%
  • United Kingdom – 55%
  • Canada – 59%
  • Australia – 60%
  • Singapore – 62%
  • New Zealand – 63%
  • Thailand – 95%

As you can see, Japan has an ongoing issue with population growth. This is no secret, as various studies and articles in recent years investigated the phenomena. There’s a continuing lack of disinterest in sexual life in Japan, with nearly 40% of young Japanese men saying they are not interested (and even disgusted) with sex. The researchers of the phenomenon state three major factors for this: work fatigue or prioritizing a career, turning to technology and ‘virtual’ encounters, while some young people just don’t care about sex.

The USA and UK seem like surprising additions, especially since most explicit or sexual pop-culture media originates from these countries. The alarming depression rates in the country, as well as porn addiction (related to sexual apathy), are some of the reasons cited. However, about 48% of citizens of the US are satisfied with their sex life, while the percentage is lower with Brits (40%).

Thailand may also seem like a surprising addition due to its reputation of being a popular sex tourism destination. But bear in mind that the majority of Thai citizens don’t crave the same experiences that tourists visit their country for. Only 65% are sexually active Thai citizens have intercourse weekly.

Interesting Sex Trends Around the World

The average amount of sex by country doesn’t always mean the best. For example, the latest Durex sexual well-being survey (from 2005) said that around 71-80% of Nigerians and Mexicans reported having exciting sex over the year. That’s in high contrast with Australia, Great Britain, France, and Japan – the least sexually satisfied countries in the world.

The same survey notes that the Mexicans thrive in one more area – the feeling of mutual respect between partners. Spain, Mexico, and Brazil have a significantly higher percentage of partners who feel respected during sex than all other countries in the world.

When it comes to the negative side – Turkey has the highest rate of STDs per sexually active person. Almost every second person has contracted an STD at some point in their lives. The European countries all positively thrive, with only Croatia having a slightly lower score from the interview nations (61-70% reported never to have an STD).

On the other hand, Asian countries have the oldest average age among all continents when it comes to losing virginity. The first sexual intercourse for most Asians occurs around the age of 22. On the contrary, the average age in South America is 17.5, which is the lowest. Europe’s average is 18.5, North America 18.7, and Africa 20.

In conclusion, the number of sexual partners can tell you a lot about the demographics of a certain country. The United Kingdom is the country with the highest number of sexual partners in Europe, with the Netherlands having 6.9. Whilst Italy has the least number of sexual partners in Europe. People from Belgium follow close behind with almost the same amount (5.41).

Final Say

As you can see, the statistics about the average amount of sex by country are scarce.

Looking at the statistic above, from all the surveyed countries it seems that Mexico is generally the most sexually satisfied country in the world. However, you should always take this data with a pinch of salt, as it doesn’t include all countries in the world. It can also change a lot over time.

However, it’s certain that there is a lack of sexual activity in Japan; no other country comes close. There’s also an increasing trend of sexual apathy in recent years, which may lead to a similar scenario in other countries.

If you’re interested in this phenomenon, you should follow the reports in the coming years closely.