How Often Are Married Couples Having Sex After 40 Years of Age?

As you reach a certain age, sexual desire and activity may seem less important than before. Other aspects of your life, such as work, your finances, or family problems may take up most of your attention. Because of this, many people are afraid that intimacy with their loved one will vanish, especially after the age of forty.

So how often are married couples having sex after 40? Studies show that this period brings a completely new and different sexual experience into your life. In this article, you will find some surprising info about the sexual life of married, middle-aged couples.

Frequency of Middle-Aged Sexual Activity

How often are married couple having sex after 40 years of age? According to statistics, just about enough. Studies say that people aged 40-49 have sex 86 times per year on average, which means once after every four days.

If you consider the factors that negatively impact the sexual drive among people in this age group, the statistic is not bad. Stress, lifestyle changes, financial problems, workplace stress, kids, other hobbies, burn-outs, and other factors significantly reduce the libido and the desire for intimacy.

Also, as people grow older, there’s a much bigger chance for them to develop some kind of chronic health condition. This will also affect the intimate life of any individual, due to the physical and emotional repercussions of the illness.

On the other hand, some studies show that aging has significant upsides too. While sex may become less frequent, the quality of the experience grows.

Women who are over 36 years of age are shown to be the most intimately satisfied out of all age groups. At this age, women’s self-confidence rises and this leads to sexual fulfillment. Regular orgasms and great sex are to be expected, according to studies. As people age, they get increasingly confident and secure, which leads to a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Some More Married-Couple Statistics

Here are some other interesting statistics about married couples.

  • 5% of married couples claim to have daily sex.
  • 17% of married couples in the U.S. have had an affair. Interestingly, more than 90% consider affairs absolutely wrong.
  • 12% of married couples didn’t engage in sexual intercourse for at least three months, and sometimes even more. Even worse, 6% of married women say that they didn’t have sexual activities for over a year.
  • Married women are much more likely to orgasm: Long-term relationships allow partners to get to know each other’s desires and bodies, which in turn provides a more enjoyable sexual experience. Almost 75% of women will climax while having sex with their husbands.
  • 84% of women say that they purposely have sex when they need help from their husbands
  • More than 80% of married people over 40 had premarital sex with their husband.
  • Less than 50% of women want frequent sex after 4 years of being married: The same statistic says that couples that remain married longer than that will later reignite the intimate spark.

Things to Know About Sex in Your 40s

Just because you’re stepping into your forties doesn’t mean that your sex life needs to end. On the contrary, it may only get better. There are some things that you should now (and be careful of) when you’re engaging in sexual activities in your forties.

  • Pay attention to your heart: A healthy heart is the foundation of all your activities, including your sex life. When you reach a certain age, your cardiovascular system will need some extra effort to reach its full potential. Exercise as much as you can and you will be both fit and confident in bed.
  • Your libido may oscillate: Your marriage or long-term relationship may become too cozy and comfortable which can result in a lack of sexual desire. Fortunately, this period doesn’t last long, and a good conversation or a fun night out may turn this around.
  • Men can last: Middle-aged men’s hormone levels start to fall, which results in a longer sexual experience. Since men can prolong intercourse, they can fully focus on connection and intimacy with the other person.
  • Women climax easier: Orgasm in women comes with confidence and experience. When they reach this period of life, they are in an ideal physical, emotional, and mental state. This will help both sides of the relationship enjoy sexual activities to the fullest.
  • There’s a greater risk of STD: Couples are more susceptible to STDs when they cross the middle-age threshold. This is due to the reduced need for condoms and a greater need for erectile dysfunction drugs. Also, vaginal tissue becomes thinner over the years and makes women prone to infections.
  • Sexual life can become the focus again: In your mid-forties, you may reach a certain stage career-wise and parenting-wise where you can return the focus on your relationship once again. All the emotional energy that was spent on climbing up the social ladder and raising kids may get reinvested into the relationship.
  • Men will need some help: This age can be tricky for men since they can start experiencing erectile dysfunction. Getting no erections or less reliable erections inspires some men to turn to drugs such as Viagra. However, it’s much better (and healthier) to try and prevent the ED with diet and exercise. If that doesn’t work, ask a doctor to advise you.

Enjoy the Mid-Life Delights

How often are married couple having sex after 40? Statistics vary but the point is – it’s all up to you. As long as you take good care of yourself, your loved one, and the relationship you have, you will be keeping your sexual life on a high level too.

So enjoy your mid-life advantages, and pay attention to the obstacles and challenges that older age can bring. As long as you have some luck and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy every minute of it. Married couples in their forties have a perfect blend of experience, confidence, and fitness to experience a sensual and enjoyable intimate life.