How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Surgery: Enlargement Techniques 101

From the mural of Priapus in Pompeii to this day, different cultures have celebrated, even glorified, large penises.

When you think about it, there is a straightforward logic behind this cult of the penis (phallus). A large penis is seen as the ultimate masculine symbol of fertility and male strength. The men who have been blessed to be well-endowed draw great confidence and pride from down south.

But what about other men who weren’t so lucky? Well, they are likely to try to amend the situation whichever way they can.

If you’re one of those less fortunate men and are wondering how to make your penis bigger without surgery, you are in the right place. We have created a comprehensive guide to help you grow your confidence.

Tricks to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

When it comes to penises, appearances matter. Before you resort to some of the popular enlargement techniques, you should try a few things to make your penis look bigger.

First off, an overgrown bush in the pubic area can take away a precious inch or two from your pride and joy. Pick up a trimmer and shape up your pubic hair to prevent your penis from looking smaller than it actually is.

If you care about the appearance of your penis, excess weight – especially a beer belly – is also a definite no. In addition, some obese men also have excessive pubic fat that engulfs their penis almost completely. So if you’re chubby and unhappy with the size of your penis, you should refrain from all the foods that add the extra pound to your weight.

Exercise goes hand-in-hand with a sensible diet. While a gym routine cannot add extra inches, it can surely improve your performance. It gets your adrenaline going and opens up your blood vessels. As a result, you are likely to have stronger erections and better stamina.


Penis stretching involves manual massage of the penis tissue with your hand. You move the hand along the penis length to create micro-tears and stretch the skin. As the tissue heals, it becomes swollen and makes the penis appear bigger.

There are also stretching exercises to improve the girth of your penis, with the so-called jelqing probably being the most popular. While jelqing, you pull the flaccid penis with your index finger and thumb. The aim is to boost the capacity of the erectile tissue and, in turn, increase the penis girth.

You should know that the effectiveness of stretching exercises is still largely based on anecdotal evidence. However, some men claim it has done wonders for their size.

How to Properly Do Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises do come with some risk, so it’s crucial to get the technique right.

First, you should only do the exercises when your penis is flaccid. It is best to stand against a table or sit while exercising. You shouldn’t stretch more than two times a day. Also, you need to stop at the first sign of discomfort or pain.

Increasing the Length

There are two exercises you can do to increase the length of your penis.

Exercise 1

Hold the glans (the head) of your penis and stretch it upward for 10 seconds. Then pull the penis to the right for 10 more seconds and do the same to the left. Keep doing this for no more than 5 minutes and repeat the exercise two times a day.

Exercise 2

Again, hold the head of the penis and stretch it upward. At the same time, press down on the base of your penis (the area around the pubic region). Like in exercise 1, you hold it for about 10 seconds and repeat the process on the left and right side.

It’s important to apply pressure on the correct side of the base while pulling left and right. For example, pull left and you press the left side at the base of your penis.

You are allowed to do this exercise only once a day, no more than 2 minutes.

Increasing the Girth

As said, jelq exercises should help improve the girth of your penis.

Encircle the penis base with an O shape gesture using your thumb and index finger. Tighten the O shape gesture until you feel a gentle pressure and slowly move up to the penis head. If you feel discomfort or pain, loosen up the O shape gesture.

You can jelq once a day for up to half an hour.

Vacuum Pumps

The market seems to be flooded with different vacuum pumps that promise to help increase the penis size. There is very little scientific evidence about their effectiveness, but vacuum pumps are often used as a short-term impotence treatment for their ability to improve the blood flow in your penis.

Using a pump is quite simple. Place your penis in the air chamber and pump the air out. This action draws more blood into your penis and creates a stronger erection. Some pumps even include a clamp or a ring to secure the erection for enough time.

Traction Devices

Traction devices are contraptions that help you stretch out your penis. Compared to vacuum pumps, they are a bit more complicated to use and you need to be extra careful.

Put the flaccid penis into the device and secure the head with two notches. Fix a silicone tube around the penis shaft and gently pull from the bottom of the tube to stretch the penis out. Stop pulling as soon as you feel any discomfort.

You can leave the traction device on for a few hours, but it’s best to take things slowly at the beginning to avoid injury.

What Are the Risks?

Overdoing the exercises or overusing the devices may cause ligament and tissue damage. These injuries could impair your erection, so it’s best to be extra careful.

Some of the side effects may include discoloration and bruising, itching, numbness, and small red spots on the penis. In severe cases, penis pumps might cause a vein rupture. To avoid this, make sure to use your stretching device according to the instructions on the packaging.

If any of the symptoms don’t subside after a few days, you need to pay a visit to a doctor.

The Last Stretch

How to make your penis bigger without surgery? As you can see, there are several options to exercise your penis to the desired size. And if you are consistent, chances are you’ll be able to notice the difference in a few weeks or months.

No matter which method you opt for, you shouldn’t forget the potential risks that are involved. Take things slowly and stay alert for any side effects. If you fail to do so, your exercise routine might do your penis more harm than good.