Customers Recognize the Power of Solar Tracking By Selecting RayTracker GC for Their PV Installations

Energy Innovations, Inc., manufacturer of commercial solar products that maximize usable energy from the sun, announced today that the company’s RayTracker GC product has been installed by several new customers and will be included in installations representing over 2MW of clean, renewable solar energy starting this month. RayTracker GC is a single-axis solar tracker for ground-mount and carport-mount applications that maximizes the energy yield of a photovoltaic system and supports a wide range of the leading, available PV panel types.

According to Paula Mints, Principal Analyst, PV Services Program and Associate Director, Energy Practice at Navigant Consulting, projections show tracking systems being used in at least 85% of commercial installations greater than 1MW in 2009 – 2012.

“Single-axis tracking is one of the most straightforward ways to improve the performance and economics of a commercial solar installation,” said Bill Gross, CEO of Energy Innovations. “Energy Innovations has assembled a talented team to focus on this tracking category, to apply best practices across all disciplines and bring a new level of sophistication in product design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and service to the solar tracking marketplace.”

The installations utilizing RayTracker GC are systems being deployed by leading companies such as the North American headquarters of British Telecom located in El Segundo, CA, and the West Coast distribution center of The North Face located in Visalia, Calif. The locations and site types for each installation presented different challenges and benefited from RayTracker GC’s rugged, versatile design. The British Telecom site’s carport design, for example, will provide maximum system capacity and shade for cars parked underneath, while The North Face system will be constructed over a storm water retention area located on the property, allowing for dual use and providing a buffer to adjacent properties. Outfitted with a combined 7,445 Suntech (NYSE:STP) solar modules, these innovative systems will gain increased efficiency and accelerated ROI by using RayTracker GC. Both installations are currently under construction by Suntech Energy Solutions (formerly EI Solutions) and are scheduled to go online in the coming months. RayTracker GC will also be a part of several additional, undisclosed, installations also being deployed in 2008.

“RayTracker has quickly become a recognized leader in quality, innovation and customer support,” said Mark Henderson, General Manager of RayTracker at Energy Innovations. “In the few short months since the RayTracker product was introduced, we’ve seen an overwhelming market demand for our RayTracker GC product from customers looking to increase the return on their solar investment and lower the overall cost of energy produced.”

RayTracker was designed from the start to be cost-effective while also maximizing efficiency and reliability. PV panels mounted on a RayTracker system can yield an up to 38% increase in annual energy production compared to fixed flat PV panels and up to 25% more than fixed tilted (30-degree), thus increasing the overall return on investment of an installation. RayTracker GC’s precision distributed actuation design provides for increased system availability and no scheduled maintenance, while removing the actuator single point of failure which can be found in other tracker designs. RayTracker also requires little field welding and comes with many components pre-assembled from the factory.

About Energy Innovations, Inc.

Energy Innovations was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur and current CEO, Bill Gross, and has assembled a world-class team of experts in the fields of solar concentration and tracking to deliver cost-effective, grid-competitive solar electric power. The company is developing the Sunflower line of concentrated photovoltaic products as well as the RayTracker line of solar tracking products, all with a focus on bringing the cost of solar below that of utility-supplied electricity. Information about RayTracker GC can be found at Energy Innovations is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses.

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