‘Report Says Fluoride’s in No Way Beneficial’

The Government’s own commissioned report decided that there is absolutely no evidence that fluoride benefits teeth and that there could actually be a “disbenefit”.

Its researchers found that about half of all children in fluoridated areas have dental and sometimes skeletal fluorosis, much of it “worrying.” Future long term effects include thyroid deficiency and cancer.

Could Kate Taylor-Weetman write in and explain why, since fluoride has been officially declared to be useless, she finds it necessary to add a substance in the same poison category as paraquat to our tap water?

At its last meeting in November the Nuffield Council on Bio- Ethics considered the addition of fluoride to the water supply unethical.

Professor J. Montgomery of Southampton University said that if health authorities wish to impose fluoridation on the public, then they have a duty and a moral obligation to give full information about its dangers. Could Kate Taylor-Weetman tell us when these disclosures will be made?


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