Top 100 Unisex Names

Picking out a name for your unborn child is one of the first big choices a parent has to make. But this decision is just as difficult if you’re an adult looking to change your own name.

Whether you want to name your kid, legally change your first name, or find a cool stage name, here’s a list of popular unisex names you can’t go wrong with.


One of the most popular names since the mid-90s, Taylor is an occupational name of English origins. It has been truly accepted as a unisex name since the 20th century, and it’s been a reliable option that will serve you well.


Hayden didn’t use to be hugely popular either as a male or female name. But since the appearance of celebrities like Hayden Christensen and Hayden Panettiere, it has become one of the top 100 unisex names.


In the US, Dana has been a popular unisex name since the early 2000s. It’s sometimes used in other countries too, but it is known to have a more feminine connotation abroad.


Jules was first used as a girl’s name. It’s of Latin origin, often used as a nickname for Julie and Julie. Jules may be more popular as a unisex name in Europe than in the US. However, it’s not uncommon as a boy’s name in high-society circles in the US too.


Jordan is one of the most common first names and last names. It’s a highly popular choice for both men and women.


The name Sasha used to be mostly given to women in the English-speaking world. However, it has seen a surge in popularity as a boy’s name. One could attribute this to its pronunciation, which is identical to that of Sacha, a more common male name.


Riley is an Irish name meaning “courageous” and it’s one of the top 100 unisex names in the US. Initially a male name, today it’s slightly more popular as a girl’s name.


Skyler is another interesting unisex name of Dutch origin. Although always pronounced the same, it is common to have spelling variations like Skyler for boys and Skylar for girls.


Parker is a name of English origin, and it’s considered to sound sophisticated. While more often regarded as a boy name, there are quite a few famous women that carry the name, such as Parker Posey. It’s also one of the names that easily transitioned from last name to first name.


Dakota is a Native American name that means “friendly one.” It’s a very old name and probably among the oldest unisex names too. Multiple studies have found it used in almost equal numbers for boys and girls.


When you hear the name Sawyer, you probably immediately think of Lost. It was initially a female name and it means “woodcutter,” a mostly male occupation in early times.


Peyton is another unisex name of English origin. Though most men probably know it thanks to NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, many female celebrities proudly carry the name too.


Originally a boy’s name of English origin, meaning ruler of the elves, Avery is now a unisex name. It’s the name of a character portrayed by Elizabeth Banks on 30 Rock, the name of Dr. Phil’s granddaughter. While still more common in boys, Avery is seeing a meteoric rise among girls too.


Morgan is a hugely popular first name and last name of Welsh origin. It is often considered a sophisticated choice for both genders. Although initially used as a boy’s name in Wales, Morgan is also one of the oldest names to receive the unisex treatment in the legends of King Arthur (Morgan le Fay).


The meaning of Elliot roughly translates to “Jehovah is God”. Today, it is a common and not unusual name, fit for both genders. Other spellings are widespread too.


River was originally used for girls, but it became unisex over time. Many parents love the simple but powerful image it evokes. One of the most talented actors was named River, River Phoenix. River is also the name of famed singer Kelly Clarkson’s daughter, and Doctors Who’s love interest in the long-running British sci-fi series.


Blake is a very common name of English origin, and it means “fair-haired.” One of the greatest Blakes today is Blake Griffin, professional basketball player. One of the most gorgeous Blakes is without a doubt Blake Lively. Need we say more?


The name Reese traces its origins to Welsh culture. Initially a name for boys, it has since increased in popularity as a unisex name. One of the recent contributing factors could be the wildly popular and talented actress, Reese Witherspoon, who actually adopted her mother’s maiden name as her first name.


Quinn is among the first unisex forenames. It was first used by the Irish for both boys and girls. Although more women are named Quinn these days than men, it is still one of the most popular unisex options.


Charlie was initially a boy’s name that meant “free man”. Nowadays, it is quite popular as a unisex name. Some notable celebrities with this name include Charlie Rose, Charlie Chaplin, and Charlie Sheen. Although technically a nickname, Charlie is often used in favor of Charles these days, particularly for its unisex appeal.

Old English Names

Ashton                 Cody                      Kendall

Addison               Gray                       Oakley

Harper                  Paris                      Winter

Bailey                   Hunter                  Parker

Carter                   Kelsey                  Rowan

Sidney                  Spencer               Raleigh

Hebrew Origin Names





Names After Places








Welsh Origin Names



Irish Origin Names

Blaine                   Logan

Brennan               Mackenzie

Channing             Monroe

Erin                        Sloan

Shae                      Rory

Other Popular Unisex Names You Can’t Go Wrong With

Alex                       Blair                       Frankie                 Nicky                     Robin                    Archer

Ashley                  Cameron             Francis                  Lee                         Noel                      Sage

Adrian                  Casey                    Jamie                    Mason                  Pat                         Tracy

Andie                    Campbell            Jude                      Marley                  Piper                     Teagan

Angel                    Chris                      Justice                  Max                       Phoenix                               Val

Asa                         Cody                      Kayden                 Misha                    Reagan                 Remy

Aspen                   Darcy                     Kennedy              Murphy

What’s Your Favorite?

Although this list contains the top 100 unisex names at the moment, it’s important to remember that there are many more names out there. Remember to consider alternative spellings, and don’t give up until you find the perfect fit.