July 11, 2008

Company Profile for Ultroid Technologies, Inc.

Vascular Technologies, Inc. is one of the fastest growing medical device companies in the United States. Its principal product is the breakthrough Ultroid(R) Medical System, a less expensive and more effective treatment than current procedures for the treatment of hemorrhoids with new applications for other varicose and spider veins. Ultroid(R) is a painless, non-invasive outpatient treatment with an over 90% effectiveness rate that replaces ineffective over-the-counter creams and painful surgeries that can be accompanied by infection and prolonged recovery. The Ultroid(R) procedure can be performed by any physician, regardless of specialty, in their office, in approximately 10-15 minutes. Patients are able to resume their normal daily activities immediately, versus the several month recovery often associated with current laser and other surgical treatments. Ultroid(R) is FDA-cleared and accepted by most insurers and Medicare.

 Company:                 Ultroid Technologies, Inc.  Headquarters Address:    405 Central Avenue Suite 100 St. Petersburg, FL 33701  Main Telephone:          727-898-0717  Website:                 www.Ultroid.com  Type of Organization:    Private PR  Industry:                Medical Devices  Key Executives:          CEO: Brent Willis CFO: Michael Knox President: Gerald Spurgin  Public Relations Contact:                 Michael Wodstrchill Phone:                   727-898-0717 Email:                   [email protected]