The audience consists of highly tech-oriented and computer-savvy individuals who are interested in stimulating their minds with original content related to space, science, health and technology. RedOrbit’s open environment, combined with 2,000,000+ in-depth pages of content, draws the curious and complex minds, thus fueling an extremely loyal community.

Founded in 2002, this fast-growing site generates roughly 20 million page views per month and reaches 200,000 unique visitors per day. Furthermore, the thought-provoking subject matter at RedOrbit attracts more intellectually-minded individuals between the ages of 25-55 who earn above average incomes. Advertisers can take advantage of reaching this valuable demographic via Run of Site (ROS) marketing or through highly targeted sections such as: News, Space, Science, Technology, Health, Education, and more!


  • Page Views 20,000,000
  • Ad Impressions 70,000,000
  • Unique Visitors 6,000,000


  • 55% male
  • 45% female
  • 80% of our audience is between ages of 25-49
  • 85% of our audience is U.S.
  • 84% have income over 65000 per year
  • 76% of our audience has computers at home
  • 84% have at least some college education
  • 55% of our audience has children(All stats verified by Media Metrix)

Recent events have fueled huge growth

Over the past few years, space, science, health and technology have once again consumed the imaginations of people across the globe. Recent missions and discoveries in our universe have fueled this surge in the popularity of space, science, technology, and health.


Why RedOrbit?

Space, science, health and technology are interconnected in a profound way. Technology is about the future, discovery, breaking barriers. So is Space. Techies are in search of the ‘next big leap’ – Space IS the next big leap. Science is the glue that holds it all together.

RedOrbit provides web marketers with a unique venue to reach a highly valuable demographic of educated, tech-oriented, net-savvy consumers.

  • High-traffic site, updated daily with credible niche content
  • Highly educated, informed audience, briefed on current events
  • High income level users seeking the ‘latest and greatest’ in products and services
  • Male and female audience composition – most tech sites are heavily male-skewed
  • Incredibly loyal audience. Online community members are apt to purchase products they see advertised on a Site they trust. “The greater a person’s affinity for a site, the more likely they are to support the site’s advertisers”
  • Innovative ad units and placements – we are flexible to meet our advertisers needs – our audience is appreciative of quality, targeted ads

The ultimate goal of humanity is to explore and conquer our universe, and technology and technological advancement will take us there.

With RedOrbit, as a savvy web marketer you will be sharing your message with some of the most aware and technically advanced consumers online today.


  • Run of Site or Targeted Sections available
  • Accepted Sizes & Max File Sizes:
  • 300×250 Box Unit – (max 35K)
  • 728×90 Leaderboard – (max 20K)
  • Pre-roll video and video overlays


JPEG, GIF, iFrames, Flash, DHTML, Javascript, Bluestreak

Rich Media Types are available on RedOrbit with appropriate testing

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Ad Serving & Reporting

RedOrbit’s ads are served via Google’s Ad Manager.

Third-Party serving is accepted.


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