September 9, 2008

Pri-Med Institute Receives ACCME Re-Accreditation and NC-CME Certifications

Pri-Med Institute's continued leadership and professionalism in CME is underscored today by the announcement of two industry recognitions--ACCME re-accreditation and NC-CME certifications. Earned independently, but supportive of Pri-Med Institute's mission and ongoing commitment to provide world-class, clinically relevant educational content that is professional, fair-balanced, evidence-based, and scientifically rigorous.

Pri-Med Institute (PMI), the accreditation unit of Pri-Med, was recognized by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to be in compliance in all areas, and received exemplary compliance in two critical areas: PMI Mission Statement, including its purpose, content areas, and the expected results of the program, and Needs Assessment. There were no areas of deficiencies or concerns identified. ACCME accreditation is a mark of quality continuing medical education (CME) activities that are planned, implemented and evaluated by ACCME accredited providers in accordance with ACCME's Essential Areas and Elements and Accreditation Policies ("Accreditation Requirements"). ACCME accreditation assures the medical community and the public that such activities provide physicians with information that can assist them in maintaining or improving their practice of medicine. Re-accreditation demonstrates Pri-Med's continued commitment to delivering fair-balanced, clinically relevant CME solutions to meet the growing need for physician education.

"As I compare you to both academic and non-academic providers, Pri-Med is clearly doing some of the most advanced practices in CME," says Steve Passin, President, Steve Passin and Associates, a leading CME consulting firm. "Your process of planning complex modules based on the analysis of practice gaps/needs and national standards, that translate into state-of-the-art CME content is the best we see. Likewise, you are leading the way with the resources you have invested into the measurement of educational outcomes. Pri-Med has moved into a process of sequential learning that is a model for others throughout the nation."

Pri-Med Institute received additional recognition from the National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals (NC-CME) with two of its CME professionals receiving the first-of-its-kind, CME Certification. Marissa Seligman, PharmD, Chief Clinical, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Officer, Senior Vice President, and Kristin Fludder, Senior Accreditation Manager, both passed the inaugural CME certification exam. The NC-CME is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 by a group of CME professionals whose goal was to establish an independent certification program. The program includes a credentialing exam for those who are employed in the field of CME. The exam was administered for the first time in May is designed to measure the competence of CME professionals who are responsible for developing CME activities, essential for re-licensure of more than 700,000 physicians.

"CME in the US is going through tremendous change. We have new and challenging responsibilities and accountabilities," says Dr. Seligman. "Through the next four years of our accreditation period, we are charged with conducting education that specifically and measurably meets the updated accreditation criteria, whereby education is linked to clinical care gaps and identified educational need and that is designed to produce education that results in change in physician competence, performance and/or patient outcomes. Pri-Med will continue to be laser-focused on achieving these new accreditation criteria and devote our efforts to lead the industry in delivering independent, credible, fair-balanced, objective, and scientifically rigorous information to advance their clinical practice."

Re-accreditation and certification from leading industry organizations supports Pri-Med's ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality CME. The ACCME re-accreditation will benefit physicians in their knowing that they are earning course credit from a reputable professional organization whereby their learnings can then be carried into their daily practice to improve patient care. The NC-CME certification program will benefit the public health by offering stakeholders a way to verify the knowledge and skills of CME staff. The examination allows employers to monitor and document their ability to be compliant with national guidelines developed by groups such as the ACCME, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG). Together, the two recognitions accentuate Pri-Med Institute's commitment to providing clinically relevant educational activities for clinicians that will advance healthcare practice and the outcomes of care for patients.

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