October 17, 2006

Chat Free Online With Healthcare Professionals, 24 Hours a Day

ATLANTA, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- MyMD (http://www.mymd.com/) has launched an innovative program of live chat to answer patients' questions on a wide range of health issues. People nationwide can now tap into the expertise of healthcare professionals at no charge.

"While 70 percent of people use the Internet to find health-related information, only 16 percent finds what they are looking for using search engines," said Michael Chalkley, CEO of MyMD. "People need solid, reliable healthcare information. At http://www.mymd.com/ , questions are answered through live text chat HealthChat by healthcare professionals skilled at finding information on the Internet and answering questions about conditions, symptoms and treatment. People get precise answers without sifting through irrelevant web pages."

MyMD offers the opportunity to reach providers of healthcare services within zip codes. MyMD can find a primary care physician or arrange a same-day appointment at a convenient urgent care center. MyMD plans to expand with information on clinical trials, discounts for medications and other healthcare services relevant to a patient's search terms or condition.

Physician Match at http://www.alijor.com/ and Solantic Urgent Care, which operates 13 walk-in centers throughout Florida, are sponsoring the launch of HealthChat. Patients looking for a new healthcare provider or requiring urgent care will have access through a direct link to these services.

"Finding medical information can be intimidating. MyMD's HealthChat along with Alijor's service of matching patients with doctors who can help them will simplify this often daunting and time-consuming process," said Allison Scott, president of Alijor, LLC.

MyMD Inc., founded in 1998 in Atlanta, provides a medical service via Internet and telephone to people seeking medical advice and assistance. MyMD physicians, board-certified in their specialties, bring expertise to patients in need of care. MyMD is a direct real time interaction between specialists in primary/specialty care and patients, similar to medicine practiced every day where physicians respond to patients' needs by telephone, evaluate their requests and information and then take appropriate actions to improve the patient's health.

Alijor was founded with the purpose of making it easy for patients in need of medical services to find a healthcare provider. Patients post their medical needs and healthcare providers respond with prices and service options.

For information, go to http://www.mymd.com/ or call (866) 252-2913.

MyMD Inc.

CONTACT: Nancy Floyd of MyMD, 1-866-882-5007, [email protected]; orAllison Scott of Alijor, +1-646-290-5551, [email protected]

Web site: http://www.mymd.com/http://www.alijor.com/