Can wooly bear caterpillars predict winter weather

Can wooly bear caterpillars predict winter weather?

Folklore has it that the mildness/harshness of an upcoming winter can be predicted by the width of the brown stripe on a wooly bear caterpillars back. One scientist set out to see the validity in...

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Meet the punk rocker of sea snails and other rock-inspired

These golf ball-sized mollusks live in the deep sea near thermal vents 11,500 feet under water--amongst, "hot, acidic poison."

The worlds greatest scientist that no one remembers

It wasn't Darwin. It wasn't Newton. It wasn't Einstein.

The future is dystopian Is science to blame

According to author Naomi Klein, our current scientific economic model is waging war against life on earth and constitutes the most profound threat humanity has ever faced.

How celestial events influenced ancient construction at

During the winter solstice, the sun is filtered into the Monastery at Petra, Jordan, illuminating the podium of a deity. Just at this moment, the silhouette of the mountain opposite draws the head of a lion, a sacred animal.

Shifting trade winds behind lack of oxygen in tropical seas

For decades, scientists have witnessed the oxygen minimum zones (OMZ) in the tropical oceans expanding, reducing the habitat of some types of fish in the process, and now they finally know why this phenomenon is occurring.

Ruined Yellowstone hot spring colors revived by computer

There has been never been mathematical model to demonstrate how physical and chemical variations are related to the optical factors required to produce the amazing displays of Yellowstone's hot springs. Now there is.

Newly discovered Stonehenge site could rewrite British

A 6,000-year-old encampment has been found close to the world famous heritage site of Stonehenge, UK.

Strange pancake ice appears in Scotland

It’s almost like a spectacular, giant version of the classic tipple “Scotch on the Rocks.”

The Science Nerd Holiday Gift Guide

Resident science nerd Mark Lee Rollins weighs in on what you should give your favorite science nerd this holiday season.

Yes thats a vegetarian meat-eating plant

We know a lot of vegetarians like this.

Archaeologists discover royal passageway to King Herods

The entryway leads to the Herodian Hilltop Palace at the Herodium National Park.

Persian leopards find refuge in land mines

This might, ehem, blow your mind.

STEM Holiday Gift Guide For Kids And Adolescents

Don’t look now, but we’re in the midst of the holiday shopping season, so what do you get for the STEM-minded kids and adolescents in your life? Here are a few suggestions designed to make them truly light up on Christmas morning.

Scientists identify two different types of blue whales

At almost 100 feet in length, blue whales are believed to be the largest animals that ever existed, bigger even than any known dinosaur. And yet, scientists now tell us, there is room in the southeastern Pacific Ocean for two different kinds of blue whales, with two distinct populations living in the waters of the region.

New platypus-like dinosaur discovered in China

Scientists are calling it Eohupehsuchus brevicollis.

Where is all the plastic sea trash hiding

Not where you think it'd be...

Tracking mountain lions in San Francisco

It's not unusual to see people working on computers in Silicon Valley, but Richard Pickens isn’t a software developer or a cybersecurity expert – he’s a member of a local conservation, research and education group working to track mountain lions in urban areas of California.

Study finds kids films more traumatic than adult films

And by "adult" we mean "grownup." Not porn.

Scientist freaks out over rare Greenland shark caught on

A National Geographic researcher is startled to see a Greenland shark where none has ever been seen before: off Russia's Franz Josef Land. An underwater camera captured images of the shark, a species scientists know very little about.

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