December 15, 2010

Study Reveals Best Online Chat-up Lines For Men

The words "you have beautiful lips" is the best online chat-up line for men to use with women, according to a survey of online flirting by dating website Badoo.com.

"We have found the Holy Grail of flirting," said Lloyd Price, Marketing Director for Badoo, which has 87 million registered members worldwide.

The site analyzed the success rates of opening lines from some 200,000 online flirtations in 11 languages over the course of one month, and used the data to create a "Compliment Success Index."

Users were invited to use one of 12 different chat-up lines, each of which complimented a particular aspect of a woman's body or appearance.

Researchers then tracked the success rate of each line according to its ability to elicit a response and whether it prompted a longer discussion "“ one in which the dialogue went back and forth at least four times.

The research showed that complimenting a woman's lips was the most successful chat up line overall, although other lines worked best in certain countries.

American, French, Italian or Brazilian women were more responsive to the words "you dress beautifully", while Brits preferred compliments about their legs.  

Spaniards responded best to compliments about their hair, while Germans and Canadians preferred praise for their skin.

Dutch and Portuguese women responded best to the line "you have beautiful ears."

Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings said women responded best to compliments about their lips because it's a bold, confident approach that is more personal in nature.

"What many women want is for men to take the initiative and not be wishy-washy," said Hemmings in a statement accompanying the survey.

"A lot of men on dating sites send a sort of generic message and women recognize something that hasn't been customized for them."


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