5 Natural Ways To Help With Fibromyalgia


In order to find relief for symptoms received from fibromyalgia, one does not have to visit a physician’s office and be prescribed some sort of prescription drug that will need to be filled at the local drug store.

While symptoms of fibromyalgia may seem harsh at time, the treatment of these symptoms does not have just as harsh in order to counteract them. There are quite a few natural treatments that can be done without the aid of prescription medication or can be done using home remedies.

The symptoms attributed to fibromyalgia, such as chronic pain and muscle sores, affects nearly one out every fifty Americans. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia and the causes of fibromyalgia have not been identified and confirmed, the correct treatments for the condition are even more scarce and hard to find. The search for the best treatments for the symptoms is far from complete.

However, from those affected by the symptoms attributed to fibromyalgia, around 90 percent of them have attempted to use some form of a natural remedy to help cure them, or at least ease them, of their ailments. While there are no concrete clinical studies that have been able to prove that these natural treatments are the most effective means of dealing with the symptoms, there is really no harm in trying them to figure out which one could work the individual and which ones will not.

Before attempting to use any of the natural remedies, someone suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms should consult with his or her doctor to discover which of the natural remedies they believe will be appropriate for his or her specific condition.

Vitamin D Supplements

There has been discovered a strong correlation between those individuals that have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a low level of vitamin D and magnesium. Although there is a strong correlation between people with fibromyalgia and low vitamin D levels, there has been no verifiable evidence to showcase that by taking vitamin D supplements, an individual with fibromyalgia will be able to cure themselves of the symptoms.

The sunshine vitamin, or vitamin D, is documented to have at least some effects on the human nerve system and the function of muscles. Some studies have even suggested that if someone has a low level of vitamin D in their system, it can be associated with the chronic pain that often stems from fibromyalgia. In January 2012, a small clinical study was made available online in an issue of Pain Medicine that 30 women’s symptoms began to improve after they had been taking vitamin D supplements for eight weeks. While this study is indeed just one study, there is some promise in the natural remedy.

5 Natural Ways To Help With Fibromyalgia


Known as one of the most ancient forms of chronic pain treatment, this Chinese medical practice has become more and more relevant in western medicine over the past few decades. The evidence to confirm that acupuncture treatment for chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia is beginning to pile up.

Moreover, there are three current studies that suggest that acupuncture combined with a pulsed electric current can better serve those suffering from ailments of fibromyalgia. This type of fibromyalgia treatment is known as electroacupuncture. This treatment form has been proven to help ease the pain of fibromyalgia, but the effects of the treatment are temporary and will only last for a short amount of time.

S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

S-adenosylmethionine is substance that is naturally occurring and produced throughout the human body. It is a substance that is involved in a plethora of the common body processes, and for that reason, its use as a supplemental pain reliever has been heavily studied. The SAMe substance has been used as a form of anti-depressant in the past and has been used to treat chronic pain due to osteoarthritis.

Many studies showcase that by taking the SAMe supplement, those that have been inflicted by fibromyalgia may be able to reduce their pain, stiffness, and fatigue symptoms. The studies are limited, however. While SAMe cannot be found in food, it can be digested in the form of a tablet or pill.

A Good Massage Therapy Treatment

Massage therapy is a very common form of fibromyalgia treatment that has been used for years. Clinical studies have not found a way to showcase the effectiveness of a massage therapy treatment, but the relief that many people with fibromyalgia get from the treatment, including the easing of muscle pain, has been well exemplified.

This type of treatment is extremely safe for those that partake in the action. Message therapy treatments may be able relieve muscle soreness and tightness and help the person receiving the treatment to relax, however there is no existing evidence that a message therapy treatment will have a long-lasting effect on fibromyalgia symptoms.

Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractic medicine has been used to treat spinal pain by its use of spinal manipulation and spine realignment to help relieve pain. This natural alternative can be used to improve the function of the back and to foster more natural healing of ailments and pains.

Many studies have suggested that chiropractic manipulation can be quire effective in relieving back tension, neck tension, and migraines. Its use for fibromyalgia symptoms has not been proven to significantly help, but temporary relief has been well documented.

These natural alternative treatments have not been proven to completely get rid of the symptoms attributed to fibromyalgia, but those receiving the treatment as relievers for at least a short period of time have documented many of them. Many more studies must be done before any of them can be proven as viable options, but when someone tries them, they may find that they work really well for their particular condition.

It cannot be said if any of these natural remedies will work for every person, but there is no harm in trying them. As of today, there is no evidenced cure for fibromyalgia, but there are ways to help relieve the symptoms associated to the condition.