What Are Chakras and What Do They Represent?

The word chakra originates from Sanskrit, and it is translated as “wheel”. It makes sense because this archaic term refers to the energy system of our body, which is made up of whirlwinds that spin. Chakra is a cone which points to the body if you look at it from a visual aspect. A chakra’s energy radiates through a spiral which keeps getting bigger and bigger.

What are chakras? Read on to find out, and also learn how they become blocked, and how to improve your energy flow through the chakra system.

Minor and Major Chakras

Chakras can be divided into two main groups – minor and major. There are thousands of minor chakras, each of them connected to some specific part of our bodies. Every chakra has a frequency and works as a conductor for the flow of energy. The highest frequency belongs to the crown chakra, while the lowest belongs to the base chakra.

The energy flow helps the human body to function on every level – mental, physical, and emotional. The only way to ensure this is to have all the seven major chakras in balance. They must not be blocked so they can keep spinning freely.

The Seven Major Chakras and Their Characteristics

Before describing what are chakras, let’s explain the basic terms. Mantra is a word, syllable, or sound which is supposed to make a transformation. Bija means “seed” and bija mantras are seed sounds consisting of one syllable that activates the chakra energy.

You should chant the bija mantras in an order. To enter a meditative state, repeat the bija mantras. Focus on specific body parts according to the chakras.

Muladhara – the root chakra

Lam is its bija mantra. Its color is red. The root chakra is resting at the base of the spine, being closest to the earth. It is associated with security and survival. “I exist” is its message. To ensure this chakra is balanced, you should be running, dancing, and jumping.

Svadhistana – the sacral chakra

Vam is its bija mantra. Orange is its color. It is located in the lower abdomen and is connected to sexuality, sensuality, and one’s desire for pleasure. Its message is “I desire”. Water is its element and its function can be enhanced by yoga, belly dancing, and amorous partnerships.

Manipura – the solar plexus chakra

Ram is its bija mantra. Fire is its natural element, and the color is yellow. It is related to power. The third chakra says “I control”. If this chakra is balanced, you should be in control of your life.

Anahata – heart chakra

Its bija mantra is yam. Its natural element is air. It is related to compassion and love, considering it is located at the heart. The color is green, and the message it relays is “I love”.

Vishuddha – throat chakra

Its bija mantra is ham. The color of this chakra is blue. The message it sends is “I express”. It is related to the truth of the world.

Ajna – third eye chakra

Bija mantra is Om. It is centered between the eyebrows, and its message is “I am witness”. Its color is indigo. The properties that accompany it are intuition, insight, and awareness.

Sahasrara – crown chakra

Bija mantras are ah and soham. Its message is “I am that I am”. Its color is violet. Located above the head, it is associated with knowledge and bliss. It is the representation of silence and spiritual connection.

Balance of Chakras

The chakras are directly connected to our wellbeing, and our wellbeing is also dependent on the chakras. If a chakra is blocked or is not functioning as it should, we are more likely to become ill. Depression may prevent us from taking in the right amount of energy our body requires.

Nutrition and a good diet is also very important for chakras because the body needs nourishment to have proper levels of energy. Another way to disrupt the flow of energy is to obstruct our feelings and the truth. If you speak lies, you are more likely to impede the energy flow of your body.

A chakra is considered to be unbalanced if the energy completely stops flowing through it, or starts going through too slowly or too fast. You can keep your chakras in balance if you learn more about each of them, including what their purposes are and where they are located. If you are aware of them, you may energize them and keep them in check.

Chakras can dysfunction when you are depressed or under a lot of stress. Emotional stress is the cause of many chakra shortcomings, so it is wise to keep it to a minimum.

How to Notice a Blocked Chakra

It is in your best interest to work on your own perception of energy flow so that you can determine your own diagnosis without any assistance. Even though there are some tools and devices that are supposed to help with the balance of chakra, you should not rely on any kind of instrument to determine the state of your bioenergy.

How to Improve Your Chakras

If your chakra is blocked or you just want to improve the bioenergy of your body, here are some great tips:

  • Yoga is an excellent method of improving and strengthening the energy flow in our bodies.
  • Working out is great for the physical body as well as the mental state. It is great even for emotional health because you can express anger and frustration in a healthy way.
  • Breathing exercises can be useful too because deep breathing lets you focus and get in touch with your spiritual self. They are also a great tool for relaxation and rest.
  • Reiki is amazing for enhancing the flow of energy and restoring the balance. The energy you absorb with reiki helps you prosper on all levels.
  • The saying “Forgive and forget” is very wise because forgiveness relieves the mind and the soul and improves the balance of energy that way.

Spiritual, Mental, and Physical States Are All Connected

Be mindful of your chakras to prevent illness, while keeping a peaceful state of mind and spirit alike. Don’t hold grudges and focus on self-improvement.

Your biological energy flow can be affected by many things. Keeping track of all the major chakras is the way to maintain a proper flow of energy and prevent any possible blockades.