A Complete Guide to Out of the Hospital in Little Nightmares 2

Just when finally got out of the orphanage, we again find ourselves inside a hospital. This level will require courage and is not for the faint of heart. We will be treading in the dark and if you are feeling adventurous, then please wear headphones.

  1. We start in an alley. And as soon are out of the orphanage, we sneak into a hospital.
  2. Take out the fuse and place it into a different box to open some doors or use elevators.
  3. Once you pick up a flashlight, press E to use it.
  4. Use the vending machine to get some soda, throw it on the button to open the door.
  5. Go towards a room with three stuffed bears. Get the one circled in the image then proceed to the elevator.
  6. Toss the stuffed bear inside the incinerator.
  7. Turn it on to burn the toy. Once the fire is off, retrieve the key.
  8. Go top side and use the key on the locked door.
  9. Move the box aside and crouch to get to the other side.
  10. Climb up the table to avoid the hands attack.
  11. Get on the rack as quickly as you can and climb some more.
  12. You’ll get into a room with a hammer and a fuse, now that you have a weapon, it’s time to confront that nasty hand.
  13. Get the fuse and proceed to this area, you’ll need to move the box to get through the shattered glass.
  14. Place the fuse in this box to open the door.
  15. The door will be blocked by a patient (mannequin). Turn off the lights so it’ll move towards you. Then light up your torch. It stops when there’s light.
  16. Once you get passed the patient, enter this room. (We suggest that you brace yourselves for this part.)
  17. Two patients will come after you. Run as fast as you can and slide underneath the bed.
  18. Okay now that you’re through, here’s the hardest part. Three patients will come at you. The worst part is that you’ll have to climb up the broken glass door to get out.
  19. This one is quite easy if you got steady hands. Run down the hall with all those hands sticking out. Make a right turn, crouch under the bed and climb up to escape the horrors chasing you.
  20. Move the box aside and you’ll gain access to a hidden room.
  21. Get back outside and use the soap to open the door.
  22. Now turn the lights off.
  23. We will have to lure another patient into the light.
  24. Get back towards the switch and turn it on.
  25. Now push the wheelchair so you can get out of this room.
  26. For the next part, we recommend that you not drink coffee. Run wildy in a zigzag with your flashlight on. You’ll be followed by numerous patients.
  27. If you’ve evaded them all, climb up the chair and turn on the electric chair. As it overloads, the fuse pops out.
  28. Go grab it and give it to Six to open the door.
  29. Remove the fuse and place it into a different box.
  30. Place both fuses in the box near the elevator to use it.
  31. Pick up the pipe and play whack a mole with two hands (pun intended).
  32. To get passed this room, grab a toy.
  33. Throw it on the button, then take cover under the towels.
  34. Wait for the doctor to leave then proceed.
  35. Climb up towards the ceiling.
  36. Enter the cadaver cabinet and have Six push it in so you can get through the other side.
  37. Jump and grab to pull it out.
  38. Climb up the cadavers to get to the key.
  39. You may now open the locked door on Six’s side of the room.
  40. Now crouch under the tables to hide from the doctor.
  41. Avoid waking the patient. Climb up until you get to the ceiling.
  42. Jump and grab hold of the switch. This will alarm the doctor, so you need to hide under the bed.
  43. Sneak your way out of the room.
  44. Get the fuse and use it to open the door. The door alarms will alert the doctor, and he will chase you.
  45. Run until you arrive at an incinerator. Enter it and the doctor will follow while you exit from underneath.
  46. Once you’re out, Six will close the door and you’ll have to flip the switch and burn the doctor.
  47. Get on another switch to use the elevator.
  48. You’ll then exit the hospital through a window.

No, this is not the end unfortunately. However, stay tuned and check back for the continuation of this game guide. In the meantime, check out our other game guides that you might like. And if you like what we do, please let us know of your thoughts by leaving a comment below.