A Complete guide to Out of the Woods in Little Nightmares 2

This game reminded me of Limbo from all those years ago. It’s quiet, eerie, and challenging. Little Nightmare’s first release was on 2017, and its sequel on 2020. The game does not focus much on dialogues so let’s proceed.

Game Controls

For keyboard users the defaults are:

Key BindingsFunction
Wmove forward
Amove left
Smove back
Dmove right
Qto make a sound
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON + SPACEBARthrow (boxes, shoes) , use weapon (plank, stick, axe, gund)


  1. You start the game in the middle of the forest.
  2. Grab the box beside the TV and take it with you if you wish.
  3. Throw the box towards the other side.
  4. Position yourself and prepare to jump.
  5. Drop the box and get close to the trap door.
  6. Open the trap door and crouch to enter.
  7. Climb up the steps.
  8. Again throw the box and jump down.
  9. Throw the box towards the tripwire.
  10. Push the wooden box and use it to climb up.
  11. Once atop, crouch your way through a fallen log. Just as you are about to get through, the log up top starts to roll.
  12. Sprint towards the bottom of the hill until the log is blocked and stops rolling.
  13. Make you way up by climbing through this log.
  14. Climb up the log and get to the top.
  15. Jump and grab the rope then swing towards the other side.
  16. Turn the handle to lower the crate and use it to cross the bridge.
  17. There is another broken bridge, climb down carefully on the side.
  18. Now climb up again using the planks on your right.
  19. You’ll see two pairs of shoes, grab a shoe and throw it to trigger the trap.
  20. This brings down the counter-weight which you will use to climb up.
  21. Carefully tread this area to avoid triggering the bear traps.
  22. Grab the stick caught in the bear trap.
  23. Use the stick to whack and trigger the bear trap.
  24. After that, slide down the log and at the bottom is another stick for triggering more bear traps.
  25. A little further, you’ll see pine cones, use them to trigger even more bear traps until there is a clear path towards the log. Jump on it and make your way to its end and jump on the tree and climb up.
  26. You will arrive at a shack. Enter it through the kitchen window. then exit through this door.
  27. Check this area here to obtain a new hat.
  28. Now proceed down the basement and grab hold of the axe.
  29. Hit the door using the axe.
  30. Six runs out of the basement. Follow Six until you reach this room and climb to the attic.
  31. Push the case towards the cabinet.
  32. There is another cabinet you need to climb up.
  33. Crouch down to enter the next room and get the crank from the old lady’s hand.
  34. Drop the crank for Six to pickup. Climb up the bag and jump towards the hook to get the key.
  35. Get back down and open the locked door to get out of the house and into the barn.
  36. Enter the barn, push the box and climb up the hole towards the other room.
  37. Crouch your way towards the trap door.
  38. Run quick! Hide behind each box just before the hunter shoots. There will be a total of three boxes and after the third box, hide underground.
  39. Hide by the grass. Stop moving when the light is pointed at your direction.
  40. Run towards the hole.
  41. Pull the rope so Six can jump across.
  42. Call on Six by pressing Q then jump towards Six.
  43. The hunter will catch up with you, hide behind boxes just before he shoots. Then climb up and across to get to the swamp.
  44. Jump into the mud and hide below the doorstep.
  45. Make your way across.
  46. Push the log and use it as cover.
  47. Climb up and make your way into a shed where you’ll find a shotgun.
  48. Take it down and pull the trigger while the gun is pointed at the hunter.
  49. Climb up the window and towards the shore. Then push the door towards the water and use it as a raft to get across.

After all that, you’ve finally got out of the woods. The game does not end there, however. There is a lot more coming your way. Check out our next guide getting out of the Orphanage to get you through the spine tingling encounters.

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