A Matter of Life and Death in Witcher 3

During the hunt for Philippa Eilhart, you came to visit Triss about a polished crystal you found in her hideout. Triss also tells you about receiving a letter from Ingrid Vegelbud and that she intends to donate a tidy sum while helping the mages escape Novigrad.

  1. Go to the fish market to meet with the servant.
  2. Follow the servant to a different location and meet with Triss.
  3. Visit Elihal and purchase a fox mask for Triss and a wolf mask for Geralt. Optional items are Doublet trousers and a pair of boots.
  4. Get back to Triss and give her the mask; then proceed to Vegelbuds.
  5. Meet with Ingrid Vegelbud.
  6. Find and talk with Albert Vegelbud in the garden.
  7. Wait until everyone is drunk and for the fireworks starts. In the meantime, talk with Triss at the bench inside the garden.
  8. Triss is drunk and wants to pass the time with a game. Find her inside the labyrinth.
  9. Every response you choose for Geralt is an opportunity for romance, which contains nudity (viewer discretion is advised). For this scene, choose to Kiss Triss.
  10. Get to the stables and meet with Albert and Triss. Continue to be nice to Triss by choosing the second response option.

Now or Never

After Albert and Triss leave the stables, the quest A Matter of Life and Death is completed. The plan worked on getting Albert out. However, the mages are still trapped in Novigrad. Help them escape Novigrad safely. To do this:

  1. Visit Triss at here hideout. She is being evicted from the house for late payment. Do what you can to help her and tell her you are worried as the witch hunters are waiting outside.
  2. Proceed to Berthold and Anisse’s hideout and take them to the Kingfisher. Get rid of the witch hunters inside.
  3. Enter the mages hideout and help them find an escape route to the sewers.
  4. Use Aard sign to destroy weakened walls and make a path.
  5. Exit by the harborside and have them board a ship to Kovir.
  6. Kill the incoming witch hunters.
  7. Ask Triss to stay with you and tell her you love her. But she walks away and boards the ship.
  8. While Geralt & Djikstra continue talking, Triss comes back and asks Geralt to go somewhere where they can watch the ships.
  9. So atop the lighthouse continues the romance between Geralt of Rivia and Triss Merigold.
  10. Coming down from the lighthouse, Djikstra reveals a plot to kill King Radovid.
  11. Geralt refuses, but is somewhat considering to join in.
  12. Djikstra will be waiting at the Passiflora if you ever change your mind.

A Deadly Plot

After talking to Djikstra about the plot, you make a quick visit to the Passiflora to know more about the assassination plot against King Radovid.

  1. Enter the Passiflora and talk to Marquise Serenity. Follow her upstairs into a secret room.
  2. We meet with Djikstra and express our decision to join in for the sake of Triss and Yennefer, two mages romantically linked to Geralt.
  3. Djikstra also reveals that this plan was not just his and that Vernon Roche is in on it too.
  4. Visit the Redanian Liaison at the Border Post and talk to him.
  5. Find the shoemakers wagon.
  6. Use your Witcher Sense to find tracks.
  7. The trail of shoes will lead you to a Rock Troll. Talk to it and find out where to find the shoemaker.
  8. Enter the cave and find Thaler.
  9. Talk to the trolls. Find a way to peacefully resolve the issue of Thaler leaving them behind.
  10. Get out of the cave and escort Thaler back to his cart.

After Geralt and Thaler’s conversation, it is revealed that Djikstra, Vernon Roche, and Thaler are all part of the assassination plot of King Radovid. They wish to do it quickly as they can no longer tolerate the unjustified killings of the innocent in Novigrad, especially mages, alchemists, and many more.