Activate the Mechanism (Relics of Seirai Puzzle) in Genshin Impact

This puzzle is hidden and is only be available to you when you help Fujiwara Toshiko in Koseki Village located at Seirai Island in Inazuma. Your encounter involves locating a lost treasure.

Proceeding with the quest.

  1. Go to this area in the map.
  2. You’ll find a switch, Press F to pull and activate it.
  3. Light up the symbols by standing on them in any order.
  4. Climb down the hole and proceed with solving the puzzle.
  5. For the first round, follow the direction of the arrows.
  6. Now for the second round, follow the arrows again to unlock the chest.
  7. Talk to her and both you and Toshiko exit the underground puzzle and proceed to a different location.
  8. Help her reach the location by eliminating treasure hoarders along the way.
  9. Once you reach the spot, the quest is completed and a reward is given you.

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