Alatus Chapter: Act I – Genshin Impact

How to Complete The Master of Stars’ Deception (Xiao’s Story Quest) in Genshin Impact

Butterfly’s Dream

  1. Check the area near Wangshu Inn.
  2. There we will see two Hilichurls with a dark aura around them. Defeat the Hilichurls and investigate.
  3. After defeating the Hilichurls, a group of people emerge in the background. One of them wears a mask and seems to be talking with the Hilichurls.
  4. Approach the man wearing the mask and ask about the Hilichurls.
  5. After conversing with the Starsnatcher, our masked hero, talk with the other three believers.
  6. When done, proceed to Wanwen Bookhouse.
  7. As we were arriving, we recognize the masked hero inquiring for a copy of Yakshas: The Guardian Adepti.

Glimmers of the Vigilant Yaksha

  1. Curiously enough, we also ask about the book. Check the table by the ledge and investigate the open book on top.
  2. As we read the contents, a cutscene plays about how Rex Lapis had summoned the Yakshas.
  3. Return to Wangshu Inn and find Starsnatcher. He performs another ritual to ward off the Hilichurls but to no avail. Help them by defeating the Hilichurls.
  4. After defeating the Hilichurls, talk to to Starsnatcher about the failed attempt when using the Sigil of Permission.

Purging of Evil

  1. We now need to locate the source of the evil aura. Use the elemental sight to track down the Hilichurls with the dark aura.
  2. As we near the marked location, we see a familiar face, Xiao.
  3. He explains that the reason the Hilichurls are having a dark, evil aura around them is because of the karma he accumulated all these years. We then arrive at the entrance of the karma-heavy cavern.
  4. Entering the domain requires us to defeat all of the enemies that spawn. All of them have the evil aura and may be a quite a challenge to complete.

Insights of Drifting Dreams

  1. After clearing the domain, we then proceed to the marked location at Mt. Tianheng. Here we meet Pervases. Oddly enough, he starts a conversation and immediately knows what we are there for.
  2. First, we need to collect the Censer.
  3. Second, gather the seven-star lamps located near and around the old shrine.
  4. After collecting the items for the ritual, we return to Pervases to say goodbye, but he is nowhere to be found. Then we here his voice coming from the crane statue.
  5. Talk to Xiao in front of the Yaksha statues to learn the ritual of calling the spirit of others.
  6. He then enumerates the steps to successfully complete the ritual.
  7. First is the offering of incense. Second is meditation. Third is incantation.
  8. Fourth is the loosing of arrows on the glowing parts of the Yaksha statues.
  9. After the process, Xiao takes over and Starsnatcher’s spirit is summoned.
  10. He continues to pretend that he is an adepti, so we punish his spirit by deliberately attacking.
  11. Just before his health bar is depleted, he surrenders. We then talk to him and find out that he and his ancestors have been looking up to the Yakshas and what they have done for the people.
  12. After the conversation, Starsnatcher’s spirit then returns to its body and we head to Wangshu Inn to catch up to him. However, Wang Ping’an (Starsnatcher) had already left and went on a solo pilgrimage and left us a letter and the Sigil of Permission.
  13. We then talk to Xiao and return to him the Sigil of Permission.

This concludes the story quest for Xiao,“…the conqueror of demons and the sole surviving Yaksha in the mortal realm. And only on the moonlit nights, in the glow from the Guyun and in the sound of the Dihua flute, his memory is preserved.