Bald Mountain in Witcher 3

After the events at Kaer Morhen. Cirila trained with Avallac’h to control her power, gifted by being of elder blood. As days passed, she begins to be impatient and loses focus on her training. She then thought of chasing after Imlerith, the elven warrior of the Wild Hunt that killed Vesemir.

She enlists Geralt as a companion for her vengeful mission to catch Imlerith on a sabbath. Where the warrior and his cohorts will be drunk and unprepared for a surprise visit.

  1. Climb up the bald mountain and look for Thecla in a tent. Ask for her permission to go further up the mountain.
  2. After insisting that Geralt accompany Ciri up the mountain, Thecla issues a challenge for Geralt.
  3. The challenge is, retrieving a coin thrown into the lake.(TIP: Prepare your crossbow as you will be facing two drowners while you retrieving the coin.)
  4. As you head back to Thecla’s hut to claim to have bested her challenge, a fiend appears. Kill the fiend before going any further.
  5. Return the coin and Thecla will have Marica guide you to the entrance.
  6. Inside you will meet Fugas. As soon as he sees the defiers oren, he begins his attack and try to kill Geralt. Defeat him to proceed.
  7. In a game of rock – paper – scissors, Geralt gets to decide who gets to kill the Crones and Imlerith.
  8. Ciri heads down a tunnel and jumps into a lake inside a cave to track and kill the Crones (Brewess, Weavess). The third crone Whispess escapes and takes Vesemir’s medallion from Ciri.(TIP: If one of the Crones does not have a health bar, load the game to an earlier date to try and fix the bug.)
  9. After Ciri defeats the Crones we switch to Geralt. Exit the cave and find Imlerith. Reach the top of the mountain. Follow the path that will lead you to the bonfire where Imlerith is located.
  10. Killing Imlerith will be hard since he is using a shield. You may use bombs to help with damaging him after dodging and running at a distance. Axii sign does not work on him and Ard does very little so bring lots of food. As his health bar drops below 50%, he drops the shield and begins using teleportation when attacking.
  11. After defeating the Crones and Imlerith, Geralt and Ciri head down the mountain and tell the folks that they are free and are no longer bound in fear of the Crones and Imlerith.

Geralt and Ciri then pay a visit to Novigrad and see pyres of burnt non-humans outside the gates. We then proceed to meet with Dandelion and the others at the Rosemary and Thyme and unlocks the Final Preparations quest.