Cabaret in Witcher 3

Completing the quest A Poet Under Pressure unlocks the Cabaret side quest. Here we see Dandelion’s creative side and that he aims to provide wholesome entertainment to the folks of Novigrad.

  1. Visit the Rosemary and Thyme and catch Prisicilla and Dandelion arguing.
  2. Dandelion will require your assistance. Borrow a sword prop from Madame Irina Renarde.
  3. Wait for Dandelion outside of Sophronia’s house after dusk.
  4. Play along with Dandelions plan to make him look good in front of Sophronia.
  5. Return to Rosemary and Thyme in the morning to meet with Dandelion. Upon arrival, you see Priscilla talking to the contractor about making changes to the establishment.
  6. Priscilla asks Geralt about which design should be used since both have known each other for a long time. It’s your turn to decide which theme to pick.
  7. Talk to Dandelion near Hattori’s forge.
  8. Find the key to open Polly’s house.
  9. Enter the house with Dandelion and convince her husband to let her work at the Cabaret as the choreographer.
  10. Visit Rautlec and get the placards, but as you enter his house, creditors are waiting and are also looking for him.
  11. Get to the Vegelbud’s residence. Rautlec is likely to be there gambling. Here you unlock the Race: The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby side quest where you will have to win three different races and earn coin.
  12. Talk to Henri Rautlec and ask about the placards Dandelion commissioned. The placards are done, but they were siezed by a creditor and can only be retrieved if that creditor has been paid in full. Choose whatever is convenient for you.
  13. Return to Dandelion and tell him of the good news. The Cabaret opens to the public successfully.

Carnal Sins

During the festivities of the Cabaret’s opening, a man barges inside the Rosemary and Thyme bearing the news that Priscilla has been attacked and is badly injured. You visit her at the Vilmerius Hospital and talk with Joachim von Gratz about Priscilla’s condition.

  1. Geralt and Joachim von Gratz find their way into the sewers and to sneak into the morgue.
  2. Locate the body of the dwarven wood carver using your Witcher Sense.
  3. Perform an autopsy of the body to find out the cause of death and the possible culprit.
  4. The coroner and Reverend Nathaniel arrive, catching Geralt and Joachim off guard. However, the coroner covers for Geralt and Joachim telling the Reverend that they were friends with the deceased.
  5. Proceed to where Priscilla was attacked and investigate. You will find traces of formaldehyde, a brazier, and a concerned citizens sermon posted to a wall.
  6. Investigate the place where the woodcarver died. You will also find a trace of formaldehyde, a concerned citizens sermon placed over an anvil outside, and a chair.
  7. Now find and talk to Eustace.
  8. A guard calls your attention saying the coroner wishes to see you and there has been another victim.
  9. Proceed to the morgue to start the autopsy. You then discover the killer’s next victim.
  10. Proceed to the Vegelbuds residence.
  11. Geralt arrived too late and Patricia Vegelbud is no more. You then chase after the killer only to be accused by the Vegelbud guards. After clearing your name, check Patricia’s body to know who will be the next target.
  12. Hurry to Crippled Kate’s and find Sweet Nettie in one of the rooms up stairs. You finally caught Reverend Nathaniel Pastodi, the killer. Kill him and release Sweet Nettie from the chains.
  13. Return to Dandelion & Priscilla and ask about her condition.

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