Cleansing Mount Yougou in Genshin Impact

After cleansing Chinju Forest, Araumi, and the Kamisato Estate, we then head towards Mount Yougou to meet with Kazari to conduct the final cleansing. This will permanently eradicate evil from the island and restore peace and balance for all of its inhabitants.

  1. Meet Kazari at the location of the final barrier. She will drain the water that blocks the entrance to the roots of the Sacred Sakura Tree.
  2. Jump down, and, inside, you’ll find a chamber where the Miasmic Tumor is found. To deal damage to the red glowing sphere, we need to first defeat the samurai guarding it. Once we defeat the guardian, a pattern appears in thin air. Solve the puzzle to bring down the miasmic tumor and deal some damage.
  3. At about 70% health, the miasmic tumor summons another samurai warrior. This time, the crimson sphere dishes out its attacks to deal more damage to our heroes. Repeat the process of defeating the samurai, solving the puzzle and deal damage to the miasmic tumor.
  4. As the miasmic tumors health drops to less than 40%, two samurai’s are now summoned to defend it. The miasmic tumor still attacks making it harder to fend off the samurai’s. Finally, a pattern for the puzzle emerges and bring down permanently the miasmic tumor.
  5. After defeating the miasmic tumor and its minions, we now talk with Kazari.
  6. After the cutscene, Kazari disappears and leaves behind the mask of memories.
  7. Pick up the mask to complete the quest and complete the achievement Spring Cleaning.
  8. Press B to access your bag/inventory and under the Precious Items tab, click on the Mask of Memories and press use at the bottom right. This will allow us to craft the Hakushin Ring, a four star catalyst which we can equip with our catalyst-wielding heroes.

The Sacred Sakura Cleansing quest is now complete. For the entirety of the quest, the major hurdle, at least for us, is the lack of dishes that restore high health points. Also, before leaving each area, explore to make sure you find all the loot you can gather.

Look around to see what valuable items can be had in the area. And if you are unable to access the chests behind powerful barriers, it is best to use the marker function on the map so we may return to it later.

We hope to have helped you with this quest series. Do let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.