Decrease your fibromyalgia pain flair up

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that can affect every single area of your life, if you are not careful.

Its causes are relatively unknown and its symptoms are quite confusing at times and, under these circumstances, every day can be a fight against pain and against all the other Fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

Chronic pain is, of course, the most important and the most commonly encountered symptom in patients with Fibromyalgia. Still, a series of other symptoms combined can make everything eve worse.

Irritated bowel, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, depression, anxiety, skin problems, breathing problems and so on – all these symptoms can transform a good day into a bad one.

To avoid a pain flare, you should be very careful about certain things and the first one is also the most obvious one: listen to what your body wants to tell you.

If it tells you that it hadn’t had enough sleep, or that the pain is too strong to let you do all the things you wanted to do today, then listen to it.

You may feel tempted to want to push yourself beyond your limits, but do remember the fact that this could actually worsen your condition. Instead of sticking to your initial plan and doing all the things on the list, pick those that seem manageable and do them.

Stress is one major influencer when it comes to Fibromyalgia and if you are having a bad day, when pain feels stronger than the usual, then stress is the last thing you want in your life.

Decrease your fibromyalgia pain flair up

Leave problems behind and solve them later on, when the pain will not be as strong as it is now. If something is troubling you, talk to someone and leave it out. You are already in pain, you don’t need more problems for today!

Relax. Seriously, the last thing you need when pain is flaring up is to have to run around and to worsen your condition. Watch a movie you like, listen to soothing movies, go and see someone you feel good around.

Read a book, knit, browse the Internet and do things that you like. They will help you keep your mind off pain and they will also make you feel better in general, since your state of mind can be very important in the way your body perceives pain.

If you feel strong soreness in a certain area then taking a warm shower or applying a piece of warm cloth on the painful zone may help. Pain tends to respond to heat because it can increase the blood circulation in an area.

Also, taking a warm bath before sleep can help you avoid waking up due to pain or to the restless leg syndrome. You can make this bath a routine and, if you want to, you can add lavender oil to it to help you sleep better.

Exercise, no matter how painful the thought of it may be, can be very beneficial for your condition as well. The most important thing is to keep it low-impact and not to strain yourself.

Exercising will make you feel more energized and it will help you avoid pain flares, especially since it has a good effect on the way you feel psychologically as well.

A bit of walking or stretching can work wonders on the way your body feels and on the way your mind feels. If you feel that the pain you feel one day is very strong, do not do your entire exercising routine, but do not drop it either, since that will be of no help long-term.

Massages can be quite helpful as well, but that depends a lot on the person and on his/her symptoms. Furthermore, acupuncture and Tai-Chi can be pain-relieving as well and you can try them out to see if they have any effect on you.

What you eat will influence a bad day as well. Stay away from any kind of unhealthy food, since you most likely do not want any more trouble in your life right now.

Junk food can make your bowel feel irritated, sweets can do the same and, on top of it, they can make you feel low-energy, while greasy fast-food will do nothing else than irritate you and feed you with no real nutrients at all.

Try to have a chamomile tea and to lay back. Eat fatty fish and nuts and provide your body with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Tomorrow can be better, but you have to make sure that is so by taking care of your body today.