Destination: Skellige

We have obtained information that Cirila might be in Skellige. We need to find a boat that will take you there. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to the docks; there are three ships docked there currently.
  2. Approach the crew of the Atropos and attempt to hire them for the voyage.
  3. Look for Flask, the ship’s captain at the Golden Sturgeon.
  4. Pay him a thousand orens to have him sober up and close the deal to travel to Skellige.
  5. You wake up on the shores of Skellige after the previous mishap with the pirates in the stormy Skelligan sea.
  6. Go to the port of Kaer Trolde. Meet with Yennefer during the eulogy of King Bran of Clan Tuirseach.

The King is Dead – Long Live the King

  1. Enter Yennefer’s room and get a change of clothes before meeting her at Kaer Trolde Keep.
  2. Proceed to the Keep and meet with Yennefer and the nobles.
  3. Cerys an Craite challenges you to a race. Choose to participate in the race to somewhat gain the nobles’ trust.
  4. After the race, talk to Yennefer in private about her plans.
  5. Crows are perched by the door of the laboratory. Going straight in will alarm Ermion.
  6. Exit by the window, there is a ledge, use it to get to Ermion’s lab.
  7. Enter this room and investigate using your Witcher Sense. There are four pairs of a bear along side a wolf. Then check the water basin.
  8. As you proceed attempt to open the door, you cut your hand and then animals begin to animate. Defeat all the bears and wolves.
  9. Once inside the room, take whatever is of value before getting near the statue.
  10. Place the mug of mead on the statues hand to open a secret door.
  11. Get the mask of Uroboros and hurry back to the wake. On your way out, you are confronted with a tan Earth Elemental Golem. Defeat it and exit the chamber by teleportation.
  12. Talk with Crach an Craite about the magic anomaly on Ard Skellig.

Echoes Of The Past

  1. Meet with Yennefer at the magic cataclysm site.
  2. Using the mask of Uroboros, you see two people emerging from a portal.
  3. In the second area, you see people about to fight then an explosion which may have caused the forests destruction.
  4. The third shows Ciri being wounded and chased but escaping through a portal.
  5. Follow Yennefer to find the likely source of the magical residue from the portal.
  6. You found out that Ciri’s companion escaped using a portal. And that the one who wounded her might be under this tree.
  7. It is revealed that Ciri was still being followed by the Wild Hunt, and she was lucky to get out of their grasp.

Missing Persons

  1. Go to Lofoten and investigate.
  2. You get information that Craven was helping Ciri and was outcast because of it. Find him in Freya’s garden.


  1. As you arrive at the garden, the missing persons quest is completed and is immediately followed by Nameless quest. This however continues the search for craven. Use your witcher sense to find clues as to where he might be.
  2. Use the levers to open the flood gates.
  3. Swim across the flood gates and proceed to the mansion.
  4. As you investigate inside Morkvarg appears.
  5. You fight with him and you are given the option to let him go or finish him off. There is not much difference really as you will eventually kill him off to rid the garden of its monster.
  6. Proceed inside the well that leads to a cave to find Craven’s body.
  7. Take the body out of the cave and bring it to Yennefer. She brings Craven to life and knows his true name to be Skjall. He fished Ciri out of the sea and took her in his house to heal. Skjall was cast out of the village because of Ciri, who brought the Wild Hunt with her, which caused a great calamity.
  8. The villagers are furious about what you did in Freya’s garden, but according to the account of Skjall, there was a mention of an ugly being. This will then take you back to Velen, into the Baron’s estate.

As the quest is completed, The Last Wish side quest unlocks. The quest will test Yennefer and Geralt’s relationship, whether it was real or rather manipulated by a djinn they had previously encountered.