Family Matters in Witcher 3 – Part 2

We pick up the story right after Geralt told the Baron that Tamara is at Oxenfurt.

  1. Before leaving the barons estate, he gives you a rag doll.
  2. Enter Oxenfurt and proceed to the marked location.
  3. Get inside to start a cutscene and meet with Tamara.
  4. Return to the baron and tell him about Tamara.
  5. To proceed further you’ll need to unlock the Ladies of the Wood quest. But for it to be unlocked we’ll need to find Keira by completing the Hunting A Witch quest.

Hunting A Witch

Unlock this quest after finding Henrik.

  1. Proceed to the marked area in your map.
  2. Talk to the locals and find a way to obtain information on how to find the witch.
  3. Find a boulder by the river and an abandoned cart, they will lead you to the witches hut.
  4. Get inside the hut. Look for this skull and interact with it to activate a portal.
  5. As you enter the portal, you are transported to the Keira’s lair.
  6. During the conversation Keira mentioned an Elf was inquiring about Ciri. This will then start the quest Wandering in the dark.

Wandering In The Dark

  1. Enter a cave and follow Keira.
  2. You’ll enter a chamber full of rats.
  3. Get rid of the rats by using the Ard Sign or use bombs.
  4. Use Alchemy to create Grapeshot bomb. You’ll need 2x Saltpeter and 2x Calcium Equum.
  5. Equip the bombs.
  6. Get close to the rats nest and place the bombs inside to blow them off.
  7. Make a Cat potion so you will see in the dark for a short period. To make it you’ll need 1x Dwarven Spirit, 4x Berbercane Fruit, and 2x Water Essence.
  8. Equip the cat potion to make it available for use and proceed.
  9. A projection of a hooded figure will welcome you when you enter a room. Keira idenfies it to be the one Ciri was with.
  10. Follow the path where the bird symbol is found.
  11. You then enter a chamber with another projection of the Mysterious Elf.
  12. After the Elf disappears, jump into the water and get close to the horse symbol.
  13. Swim your way out by diving into the underground cave.
  14. When you get to the top of the stairs, stop and examine another horse symbol.
  15. This will open the hidden door near the bird symbol.
  16. Enter the chamber where you’ll find the cause of distortion for Keira’s magic.
  17. Interact with the bird symbol to open a portal.
  18. Once you’re through the portal, defeat the golem to continue to the next chamber and activate the next portal.
  19. As you get through the second portal, find and defeat the creatures coming out of the rift.
  20. Now defeat Nithral, the wild hunt warrior.
  21. Look for any information about Ciri in this make shift laboratory.
  22. A cutscene plays with Keira talking about witches. This unlocks the Ladies of the Wood quest.
  23. Wait! Don’t leave Keira just yet. Get close to this wall and explore the chambers.
  24. To express our gratitude to Keira, agree to help her in finding a magic lamp.
  25. You will reach a chamber with four statues. Follow the sequence when interacting and activating the statues to open the door.
  26. Once inside, search for the lamp using your Witcher Senses. The lamp will be instrumental in completing a different quest nearby.
  27. Now get out of the cave to finish the quest and get a move on to find the Trail

Ladies Of The Wood

  1. Start by going into the marked area on the map.
  2. Interact with the shrine to start with the Trail of Treats.
  3. Follow the trail full of treats hanging by the tree branches.
  4. Let it lead you until you arrive at this area.
  5. You’ll meet a bunch of children and an old lady.(spoiler: that lady is what you came here for)
  6. Attempt to talk with the boy. But Gran is there and he wouldn’t talk.
  7. Find a way to lure Gran out of the hut and talk with the boy.
  8. Now that you’ve got what you need, proceed into the swamp and look for Johnny.
  9. Search this area to find Johnny.
  10. We finally found Johnny, but he won’t say. He’s lost his voice and you’ll need to help him get it back.
  11. Help him obtain the Sealed Bottle from the ravens nest.
  12. Follow him back towards the swamp village. Have him talk to Gran first so Gran will take you inside to commune with the Crones.
  13. She gets possessed as soon as she calls the ladies.
  14. They order you to visit the Ealdorman of Downwarren about their problem.
  15. Now search this area and find out the cause of the killings.
  16. As you get near the Whispering Hillock, you’ll see a Werewolf.
  17. After killing the beast, enter this cave.
  18. Inside you will find the tree’s heart speaking to you.
  19. Defeat the tree and report to Ealdorman.
  20. Return to the swamp village with Ealdorman’s ear and talk with the Crones.
  21. Now go tell the baron what you found out.
  22. Return to Downwarren and Crookback Bog to get rid of the fiend.
  23. The baron, Tamara and Anna are finally reunited.

Our quest ends here, for this one at least. We will have to clear other quests and once they are all done, off to Skillege we go.

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