Fibromyalgia And Fatigue


One most common of the many symptoms that the fibromyalgia disorder causes for those that are diagnosed with it, chronic fatigue possibly only comes second to the body aches and severe muscle pains that are often attributed to the disorder.

The chronic fatigue that stems from fibromyalgia is very unlike the normal fatigue that affects most people. This type of fatigue can cause extreme weakness and unyielding exhaustion and oftentimes will lead to feelings of social isolation, and sometimes depression.

The fatigue that comes with fibromyalgia is often described by those that have been diagnosed with the disorder as a flu-like exhaustion that can be crippling. Those that are diagnosed with the fibromyalgia disorder may feel exhausted as soon as they wake up from what they believed to be a good night’s sleep.

Even after hours of bed rest, the fatigue that is caused by fibromyalgia can still be incredibly overwhelming and can last for days at a time. This fatigue will affect those suffering from fibromyalgia at night when they are attempting to get into a deep sleep in order to rest so they are not exhausted the next morning.

Although they may be able to trying to get rid of the exhaustion, the fatigue will actually prevent them from being able to do that. That being said, it is clear that fatigue is not one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that can be easily treated with home or natural remedies.

Fatigue with Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fatigue with fibromyalgia syndrome, or better known as FMS, can act either simulataneously or will cause those affected by it with very noticeable mood disturbances, severe depression, and terrible levels of anxiety. That suffering from fibromyalgia often will describe their sleep or sleeping patterns as very light, unsatisfying, or unrefreshing.

Due to not getting enough sleep, the time when the body attempts to repair itself, those with fibromyalgia will acquire aches and pains in their joints, including in the back, hips, neck, and shoulders. When these aches and pains begin to develop, sleeping and maintaining consistent sleep throughout the night will become even more difficult to attain. This continuous lack of sleep will only make the daytime feelings of fatigue and exhaustion worse.

Many experts and researchers suggest that there are a vast amount of similarities and likenesses between chronic fatigue syndrome and the fibromyalgia disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that can be described as an ongoing and debilitating fatigue.

People that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome often describe the tiredness and fatigue they feel as a sort of brain fatigue or mental exhaustion. Chronic fatigue syndrome can cause those that suffer from it to have much difficulty in concentrating on simple tasks and feel as if they are a total loss for energy. This state is called “fibro fog.”

Napping During the Day

Napping during the day is not always recommendable. For days when the fibromyalgia disorder has not had great effect, fatigue may be able to be eased with a little daytime napping. However, on days in which symptoms of fibromyalgia are flaring, handling fatigue can be extremely difficult for the person that is suffering from the fibromyalgia disorder and their families that are trying to cheer them on during the day. On days like these, resting at multiple points throughout the day will not provide much help or relief from feelings of achiness, exhaustion, and chronic fatigue.

Help With Fatigue Due to Fibromyalgia

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can be very hard to deal with on a daily basis. In order to manage the feelings of fatigue due to fibromyalgia will take a great deal of effort and special considerations. Isolation and depression may begin to set in after someone suffering from fibromyalgia has had to cancel plans with loved ones or miss birthday parties and dinners because they are just no longer feeling up for leaving their home.

The chronic fatigue is severe and is very difficult to overcome. Making schedules that are not packed full of commitments and meetings can prove to be quite beneficial because it will lessen the chance the chance of missing or canceling these events, or just give the person diagnosed with fibromyalgia time to relax and gather themselves.

It s highly recommended that those individuals with chronic fatigue due to fibromyalgia talk to others about their symptoms and what exactly they are feeling both physically and emotionally. When people are able to better understand the state of their loved one, they will be able to help with more.

Those suffering from fibromyalgia will have limited energy during the day so getting as much help as they can from their loved ones, friends, and coworkers can be extremely beneficial.

Continuing Work While Living With Fatigue Due to Fibromyalgia

People living with fibromyalgia are still able to work from outside of their home, but are often subject to a great deal of stress. The state of their health can cause anxiety because they may fear that someone who is healthier will be brought in to replace them. Someone is suffering from fibromyalgia will often not have the same level of performance they had when they were free of fibromyalgia.

However, people with fibromyalgia can still stay both physically and mentally sharp and are able to handle their job responsibilities with high levels of efficiency if they work hard enough at it. The symptoms of fibromyalgia will fluctuate. There will be good and bad days, but a person living with fibromyalgia should continue to believe in themselves and their skills.

The fatigue due to fibromyalgia can be very difficult to cope with at first. Actually, there will be many days that will be difficult to cope with over the course of the time they are affected by the disorder. However, life can still be made manageable and many obstacles can be overcome with the right mindset and support from the right people.

Life may be difficult, but life is not over for those living with fibromyalgia. Gathering support and maintaining a level head is the key.