Genshin Impact – How To: Complete Hyakunin Ikki

This new Limited-Time Event Domain Hyakunin Ikki allows every player to test their characters strength and abilities by placing them in an arena, divided into six teams with two characters each and may have two Ganryuu Arts.

Players are allowed to change characters or teams during battle. You’ll need to plan carefully how you pair your characters to take advantage of their special skills and elements.

It’s Haiku Time!

To start this event:

  1. Press J to open your quest journal.
  2. Select Hyakunin Ikki: The Greatest Battle. Alternatively, press ESC and a window will open. Click on Events then select Hyakunin Ikki. Click Go to Quest.
  3. A location will be marked on your map.
  4. Proceed to that location and find Kayabuki Kazuyoshi.
  5. Press F to talk to him.
  6. The instructions for the event will then be given.
  7. After the cutscene, Kayabuki Kazuyoshi will take you to a different location and reveal the entrance to the Arena.
  8. Press F to enter.
  9. In the Domain Entrance, displayed are the challenges available, rewards, score multiplier and the types of opponents you will be facing once inside the arena.
  10. Press Start to proceed.
  11. You will now select your characters and configure their skills to use in the arena.
  12. Click Start to proceed to the arena entrance.
  13. Once in the arena, go to the middle and you’ll find a key.
  14. Press F to start the challenge.
  15. You’ll have to defeat the enemies that spawn until the time is up.
  16. As the timer reaches zero, the challenge is completed. You are allowed to retry the domain to get even more rewards as you exceed you previous best score.
  17. To claim the rewards however, you’ll have to go to the Events tab,
  18. Select Hyakunin Ikki
  19. Click on the Challenge Rewards.
  20. Click Claim to acquire the rewards you won in the arena.

Congratulations! You completed the event. How difficult did you find it? Were the rewards worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!