Genshin Impact – How To: Deliver Chisato’s Letter

Ritou Escape Plan – Side Quest

As an outlander in Inazuma, you are required to obtain various permits to conduct your business within its boundaries. As you take the quest Ritou Escape Plan, you will come to know Hiiragi Chisato. She will offer you help on obtaining your necessary permits to leave Ritou and visit other parts of Inazuma.

But in order for her to provide assistance, you must first take care of her request. This includes delivering her letter to her lover Kujou Kamaji.

  1. Find Kujuo Kamaji in Inazuma City.
  2. Once found, talk to him about the letter.
  3. You’re then instructed to collect the snacks ordered at Kiminami Restaurant.
  4. After running the errand, the Travel Permit is then handed over to you.
  5. You then report back to Chisato and tell her what has transpired.
  6. After talking to her, the quest will then be completed and you are free to travel around Inazuma.

Alternative – Ritou Escape Plan

To be honest, I didn’t finish Chisato’s Letter quest until I finished the Archon quest of Inazuma. Just after the Traveler was escorted by Chisato to escape the borders, I went straight for the Waypoint markers and the other Statues of Seven in Inazuma.

In fact once you have activated waypoints outside of Ritou, you are free to roam around Inazuma. However, if you teleport back to Ritou and attempt to walk out through the border, you will be halted and asked whether you have a travel permit or not.

Maybe you’ve already done it, or maybe you’ve just read about this and would like to do it yourself. There’s no stopping you really. Maybe the Genshin Impact developers designed it that way, or it just might be an oversight on their part.

Have you done this too? Let us know what you did by leaving a comment below.