Genshin Impact – How To: Heal and Cook!


Genshin Impact is an adventure action role-playing game initially published by miHoYo on the 28th of September 2020. Moreover, the game allows you to play in single player mode or connect with other players and merge his/her world with your existing one.

As for every new player adventurer, you may and will have to deal with hoards of monsters trying to eliminate you on site. But instead, you outwit the enemy and emerge victorious! However, your health bar is no longer at a hundred percent and you fear that your next encounter might be fatal.

In that case, you are in luck! And without further delay let us help you equip yourself with the often-overlooked necessity early in the game.

Tree of Life: Almost


Since you are as meticulous as can be, that you never allow every stone unturned, we are sure you’ll never miss this one. Early in the game, you will encounter fruit-bearing trees. And there are only two of them. One is the Sunsettia Tree and the other, the Apple Tree.

You either pick them one by one by pressing F and/or you can shake the tree by using your normal weapon attack or with the use of your skill to knock them off the tree.


A Sunsettia or an Apple will add 300 health points to your character.


In order for you to consume the freshly picked fruits, you need to:

  1. Press B to access your bag / item inventory.
  2. Take a look on the Food Category, it’s the fourth icon on top food_category_icon.
  3. Look for the freshly picked Apple or Sunsettia then click either one.
  4. Click Use.
  5. On the Traveler popup screen. heal_01 Select your character of choice to feed your selected food.
  6. Click Confirm. heal_02

Character health points have been increased after c.

Also, notice that the Food Inventory displays items with the icon on the top left of each. This indicates that the dish can be used to increase your health points whenever you need them.


And by following the same steps, you can feed a separate dish to the same character to further increase health points.


It is important to know that this game emulates realistic scenarios. For example, you can only feed one character a limited number of times. Just like in real life, when you are stuffed with food, you will never be able to take in more of it. So, make good use of every dish and its capacity to increase your health points, especially in combat situations to make sure you last longer in battle.

Statue(s) of Seven


These statues are found scattered all over Teyvat. They imbue players with elemental talents, buff stats, act as teleportation devices, allow unlocking of maps, and of course healing.

To locate these statues, you should:

  1. Press M to reveal the map.map_location
  2. Locate the ones encircled in red. They are the markers indicating the location of each statue. (Note: If the surrounding area is blacked out, that means you have not yet explored the area or have not yet activated the statue within it. Thus, you are unable to use immediate teleportation towards that marker and the need to walk or run towards it is necessary.)
  3. Approach the statue close enough to reveal the interaction button. This immediately heals your party to full health. And when you interact with the statue, you will unlock and reveal the map view of its area.heal_statue_01heal_statue_02


As a traveler, you are bound to come across deserted camps. These camps often have pots left behind by other travelers and are useful for cooking different dishes. The dishes you cook may contain various attributes such as stamina regeneration, stat bonuses, increased attack or defense, revive and, of course, heal.cooking_01

In order to cook, you need many things. One of them is fire. If you look closely there is no fire under the pot so we need to create fire to create the dishes we need. Each of your characters possess elemental attributes useful for every situation. In this case, we need someone with the Pyro ability placed in the party. You can switch characters simply by pressing the numbers between 1 and 4 to which your character with the fire ability is found. If you do not have one in your party, please refer to Switching Party Members before proceeding.

Now that we have selected the appropriate character let us proceed. I have chosen Amber; she’s equipped with a bow and arrow. To start cooking:

  1. Position Amber, or your character of choice, close enough to light a fire.cooking_02
  2. Press R for Amber to aim and use her charged attack.camp_cooking_03
  3. Click the Left Mouse Button to release the arrow and voila! You have yourself some fire for cooking.cooking_04
  4. Get close enough to one of the pots until the interaction button appears and allows you to cook. Press F to start cooking.cooking_05
  5. Once in the cooking interface, select the dish you wish to cook. (You will see recipes in your possession. Use these recipes to cook the dish of your choosing. The ones greyed out mean that you do not have enough ingredients to create that dish. So, when you are out travelling, make sure to loot whatever it is you come across, it might be of use in certain situations.)cooking_06
  6. Lets will select the Sweet Madame for this one. Its ingredients are Fowl (obtained by attacking ducks, birds and purchasing from Draff in Springvale during the day time.) and Sweet Flower (obtained by looting.) Then click Cook.
  7. If you have mastered cooking the dish, you will have the option to Cook Automatically. If not, then you will have to click Cook Manually.camp_cooking_07
  8. After clicking Cook Manually a meter will appear. Make sure to hit the orange part of that meter to attain Perfect score by clicking Stop exactly when it hits the orange part of the meter.cooking_08cooking_09cooking_10
  9. Click Confirm.
  10. Click X at the top right to close this window.cooking_11
  11. Press B to open your bag / inventory.
  12. Go to the Food section indicated by cooking_12
  13.  Select the dish you cooked earlier. In this one, choose the Sweet Madame.cooking_13
  14. Click Use.
  15. Now select the character you wish to feed the dish to.cooking_14
  16. Click Confirm.

You have now successfully increased your character’s life points with the dish you have cooked in the game. Please check the slew of how-to guides we have for Genshin Impact to help make you a formidable foe.