Gwent Cards: Collect ‘Em All in Witcher 3

Before Gwent became a standalone multiplayer game, it first came out as a past time for Geralt and other known characters of Witcher 3. It is an ancient dwarven game that simulates the clash of two armies in battle. Both you and your opponent act as generals with your cards as your forces. The stronger cards you have, the better your chances of winning are.

Both Powerful and lesser cards can be obtained by:

  1. Purchase from Vendors.
  2. Defeat challengers to receive cards as rewards (Zoltan Chivay card).
  3. Bonus rewards after completing gwent quests.

Earlier in the game, you are challenged to play gwent.

Gwent Cards

Cards display their strength, position on the battlefield, and their special abilities. The first and last attribute determine your chances of winning against your opponent.

Card TypeBattlefield LocationWeakness
Close CombatPlaced on the first line.Weather Card – Biting Frost
Range CombatPlaced on the second lineWeather Card -Impenetrable Fog and Skillege Storm
Siege CombatPlaced on the third lineWeather Card -Torrential Rain

The Clear Weather card is used to clear out all weather effects and thereby restoring your troops’ total strength.


The battlefield is divided into two. Yours and the opponent’s side.Each player will take turns in placing their troops (cards) on their respective field or pass and not place any card. Both players will have leaders which grant special abilities when used during battles. Leaders determine which faction and card deck you are using. Activate that ability by pressing X. Your deck is found on the bottom right corner and your opponents deck is found at the top right.

Playing Gwent

  1. A coin is tossed to determine who will play first. If not, a challenger will decide who gets to play first.
  2. Both players will need to draw 10 cards from the deck. You may also choose two cards to redraw before the game starts.
  3. Now that you have ten cards on hand, the round starts. Both sides of the battlefield are empty at the moment. You’ll need to pick a card from your hand and put it down on the battlefield.
  4. As your first card is laid on the field, your turn ends.
  5. To your left is the Strength indicator. It is the total strength of your cards laid out on the battlefield.
  6. Your opponent places a card on the field, and their turn ends.
  7. Total Strength increases as you add more card on the battlefield.
  8. Weather Effect cards can affect your Total Strength, either increasing or decreasing them.
  9. If you no longer wish to place a card on the field, press and hold Spacebar to Pass.
  10. Based on the Total Strength, if yours is lower than that of your opponent, then you’ll lose the round and you loose a life gem.

Not Enough Cards

Winning is every games objective. Winning will reward you a random card from a random faction (most of the time), and if you lose a game, you keep your cards & lose some coin.

Keep your eyes peeled for vendors and traveling merchants that have gwent cards available in their stash. Earn as much gold as you can to be able to purchase them, and talk with NPC’s whenever possible to be able to check if they have gwent cards available.

We hope to have helped you understand gwent and it sure is more fun playing it than just reading about. If this article roused your gwent enthusiasm then let us know by leaving a comment below.