How To Ascend Heroes in Genshin Impact

In every game you’ve ever played exists a leveling system. Most characters increase their levels by acquiring experiences either by slaying monsters, completing quests etc. Things you are already familiar with.

But what you are not expecting is that some games require materials in order for your character(s) to level up. Genshin Impact is no different from those games as it requires Character Ascension Materials. And we’ve got you covered.

Ascension Gems

Each Genshin Impact Character has their own elemental ability. To ascend your characters, you’ll need to first obtain gems that correspond to a heroes elemental ability. Most of these gems come in the lowest-rarity and are need to be crafted via alchemy to increase their rarity.

However, Brilliant Diamonds are an exemption because they can only be used by either Aether or Lumine if you’re playing them as your main character.

As you continue your travels, you increase your Adventure Rank (AR). This allows you to unlock crafting abilities for certain materials. AR 25 unlocks Fragments. AR 35 for Chunks, and AR 45 for Gemstones.

To ascend you characters:

  1. Press C to access the character window.
  2. Select a Character to Ascend on the top center of the screen.
  3. Notice that the Character Level is below 20. Click Level Up until you reach the max level limit. Use the Character EXP Materials to do so.
  4. Now that we are at Level 20, click Ascend. Found at the bottom right.
  5. You need to have all the Required Materials to be able to proceed with Ascension. If you have them, click Ascend.
  6. You have now increased your characters max level with added upgrades to some stats. They’ll also increase every time you level up your character.
  7. Click Confirm to complete the process. (Tip: After Ascension, click on the Red Dot with a white exclamation mark. An ascension reward is given, whenever you ascend heroes.)

Now with that out of the way, we’ll leave you to hunting and gathering various Character Enhancement Materials because we know you’re going to want to have high level characters.