How to Complete A Particularly Particular Author in Genshin Impact

  1. Visit and talk to Katheryne about what you did for the adventurers in Seirai and proceed with taking a new quest.
  2. Now pay Sumida a visit.
  3. Return to Rituo Island and proceed towards the docks to meet with Kama to travel to Tsurumi Island.
  4. Explore Tsurumi Island and head towards the Statue of Seven to make it visible on the map.
  5. Behind the fog, you will see a young boy named Ruu. Talk to him to know more about the inhabitants of the island.
  6. Head towards the marked location to meet with Ruu, Makiri, and Ipe.
  7. Get near the Perch (tree) and touch it. Three blue feathers will come out of the tree branches. These blue feathers will merge before scattering.
  8. Locate the three feathers before returning to the Perch to make an offering.
  9. Interact with the tree and make the offering. After the offering, blue leaves will now appear on the tree branches and the fog in the area will now be lifted.
  10. Report back to Ruu, Mikiri, and Ipe about the changes in the Perch.
  11. Head towards the Moshiri Ceremonial Site and look for the priest.
  12. Now find your way through the fog and locate the other three perches.

Shirikoro Peak Perch

  1. Before approaching the perch, we first need to find the three seelies and have them return to their courts. This will drain the water under the perch.
  2. Approach the perch to interact and draw out the feathers.
  3. Head down to retrieve the feathers. Use your elemental sight and follow the signs that lead to the remaining feathers.
  4. To get passed the first door, we will need to gather all the relay stones and position them to activate the door.
  5. After opening the door, a ruin guard will appear. Defeat it to proceed unimpeded to the next room.
  6. We again prioritize the seelies to drain the water and gain access to the mechanisms under it.
  7. Gather the relay stones and deploy them within range of the power source.
  8. Before moving towards the next room, explore the chambers to find this fire puzzle. There are no sequences to follow, all you need to do is light up these three (3) torches.
  9. Inside the next chamber is the final feather needed to make an offering. But before leaving the area, explore a bit to fight some monsters and find some rewards like chests and electroculus.
  10. Now let us head back to the perch and make an offering.
  11. Report back to Ruu and inform him about the second perch offering.

Chirai Shrine Perch

  1. Find and talk to Ruu near the Chirai Shrine perch.
  2. After the conversation, touch the perch to continue the offering process.
  3. Use your elemental sight to locate the feathers.
  4. The first feather is located through a hole in the ground.
  5. For the second feather, you will just need to follow it around to wherever it stops.
  6. The third feather leads you to a simple puzzle with monsters appearing round it. Defeat them and solve the puzzle to collect your reward; then return to Ruu.
  7. Talk to Ruu and then touch the perch to make the offering.

Autake Plains Perch

  1. Head towards the perch. Defeat the monsters surrounding the perch.
  2. Talk to Ruu about when and where the monsters came. Then interact with the perch.
  3. To get the first feather, we need to defeat the monsters.
  4. The second feather can only be obtained after defeating the wolf like monster that guards it.
  5. After defeating the guardian and obtaining the second feather, proceed to a hilichurl camp and recover the final feather.
  6. Defeat all the hilichurls and follow the feather until it stops inside an electro bubble.
  7. Now that we have gathered all the the feathers, let us head back to the perch and make an offering.
  8. If you have followed this guide, we will now have eliminated the fog in our maps.

Return to the Ceremonial Site

  1. After the offering and clearing of the fog, we then proceed to talk to Ruu.
  2. Return to the Ceremonial Site to inquire about the Maushiro.
  3. Upon arrival, we notice that not a single soul is within the area of the ceremonial site. However, there is a marked location we need to take a look at.
  4. Here we find the Maushiro Ruu was talking about.
  5. Now that we have in our possession the Maushiro, let us return to Kama for a conversation and ask for a return trip to Ritou.
  6. After arriving in Ritou, report to Sumida and show her the Maushiro. But unfortunately, like the others commissioned before, Maushiro has been found but had never really left the island. Our bags are empty and Maushiro is nowhere to be found.

In the conversation, Sumida explains that we were not the first ones to seek the Maushiro. This finishes that quest and is more of a cliffhanger. We are not sure if there are follow-up quests for this, and we certainly hope to have a few for closure.

This ends the guide for A Particularly Particular Author, and if there are quests linked to this one, we will be sure to make a follow-up quest guide for that in the future. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below.