How to Complete A Strange Story in Konda in Genshin Impact

  1. Go to Konda Village and visit the Sky Kitsune Statue near the village entrance and use electro element.
  2. After activating the statue, pick up the ward.
  3. Talk to Kazari about the ward and how to use it.
  4. Proceed to this area of the village and talk with the locals for information.
  5. Locate Saimon Eri, an old woman and talk to her about anything out of the ordinary. She will then tell you about the mora found near the dry well at the back of the village chief’s house.
  6. Talk to the Village Chief and obtain permission to look around.
  7. Talk to Futaba and ask about anything strange happening around the village.
  8. Climb up the rooftop and talk to Takeru about the strange things happening around the village.
  9. The first clue is bags of mora found inside a bucket beside the dry well behind the village chiefs house according to Saimon Eri.
  10. The second clue is the floating bag found at the gully as told by Futaba.
  11. The third clue is the piece of paper found in the broken cart that Takeru mentioned.
  12. After gathering all the evidence, return to the Village Chief and present to him what you have uncovered.
  13. The Village Chief will then point you to a location. Proceed to that location and defeat all the enemies.
  14. After defeating the enemies, dig up the pile of dirt and retrieve an old rusty key.
  15. Use the key to unlock the locked dry well behind the village chief’s house and climb down.
  16. Explore the bottom of the well and get rid of this stone pile blocking the door.
  17. Get through the barrier and interact with this post.
  18. Press F to use the ward you picked up earlier and press confirm.
  19. This will activate the shrine and then we solve a puzzle.
  20. Adjust the order of the post values according to the pattern.
  21. Ochimusa, a phantom warrior appears. Defeat the warrior to cleanse the shrine of evil.
  22. Talk to Zakari afterwards.

Before the quest is completed, Zakari mentions places with barriers similar to this one that needs cleansing. The Sacrificial Offering quest is unlocked, and we will move on to that next.