How to Complete Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I in Genshin Impact

The Spindrift Shall Never Return To The Sea (Eula’s Story Quest)

Shadow Of The Past

  1. Talk to Master Jean at the Knights Headquarters.
  2. Look for the former aristocrat in the city and talk to the person by the city wall.
  3. Return to the Knights Headquarters and discuss the counterplan with Amber.
  4. Go to the Stormbearer Mountains and find Eula.
  5. Defeat the Fatui nearby.
  6. Witness the young woman defeat the final Fatuus.
  7. Talk to Eula.

Speech and Etiquette

  1. Go to The Plaza in front of the Cathedral.
  2. Talk to Eula.
  3. Talk to the locals and observe Eula’s demonstration.
  4. Continue talking to locals (two more times).
  5. Go to Dragonspine for aristocratic conduct training.
  6. Talk to Eula to learn how the training will proceed.
  7. Reach the destination without being launched or taking any damage.
  8. Report back to Eula.
  9. Go to the training location and activate the Ley Line Monolith.
  10. Defeat the opponents without being launched or frozen.
  11. When you’re finished, talk to Eula.
  12. Go to Good Hunter to get a greeting gift.
  13. Talk to Eula and Amber.
  14. Get a Gebratenes Fleisch mit Sauerkraut from Sara.

Through The Motions, To The Heart

  1. Head towards Springvale and look for Schubert. Give him the Gebratenes Fleisch mit Sauerkraut.
  2. Go with him to meet his friends. Enter the domain and make sure to place in your party hydro and cryo characters.
  3. Follow Schubert further inside.
  4. Uncover their plan and defeat the Fatui.
  5. Chase Schubert.
  6. Speak with Eula.
  7. Retrieve the diagram of the Mondstadt’s defenses.
  8. Defeat Sergei and his cohorts.
  9. Talk to Eula to complete the quest and exit the domain.

We now have completed Eula’s story quest. If you’d like to have her, or any other character, in your party, then be sure to check this guide we made to get any character for free in Genshin Impact.

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