How to Complete Carassius Auratus Chapter: Act I in Genshin Impact

Dreamlike Timelessness (Yoimiya’s Story Quest)

The Firework Girls Strange Stories

  1. Visit the marked area in Narukami Island‘s beaches and find three children.
  2. Talk to them, and they well tell you about the Great Mujina Youkai. A magical being that shapeshifts and sneaks around playing tricks on people.
  3. Follow the upset children that run away , and you’ll find Yoimiya talking to them as if the Great Mujina Youkai really exists. She then tells Paimon and the Traveler that the stories are very popular to kids.
  4. Visit Naganohara Fireworks and talk with Ryuunosuke.
  5. You then hear a voice calling on Yoimiya from the back. Check and see who it was. Yoimiya will then introduce you to Sakujirou an outlander without documents being hunted by the Tenryou Commission.

Expectations Not To Be Betrayed

  1. To help him escape, Yoimiya had already commissioned Kouichi to build a boat. And is discreetly moving it near the beaches.
  2. Now that the boat is done, look for Morihiko and ask about the firework materials that were supposed to arrive.
  3. Next, visit the Amenoma Smithy and present the ore for processing.
  4. Check back on Kouichi and proceed to examine the boat.
  5. You and Yoimiya approve of the boat. Report back to Sakujirou and give him the location where the boat is docked.

A Sliver of Hope

  1. Pay a visit to the Imatani couple.
  2. Help the couple clean their yard. Use your normal attacks on the marked items and areas.
  3. After cleaning, proceed to deliver the pickled radish to Satoru and report back to the old couple.
  4. Yoimiya mentions Sakujirou’s name, and that they would like to ask help from their son, Keisuke, who works at the Tenryou Commission.

Together Under The Fireworks

  1. On your way back to speak with Sakujirou, you find out that he is no longer inside the house and was taken by the Tenryou Commission Officers.
  2. While you are looking for Sakujirou, ask the children if they noticed scary-looking men pass by.
  3. Talk to the Tenryou Commission Officers. And if they don’t budge, fight them.
  4. Head to the beach and find Sakujirou and Keisuke.
  5. Yoimiya challenges Keisuke into a duel. Defeat him and let him talk with Sakujirou.
  6. After their conversation, Keisuke decides to let everything pass and gives Sakujirou the boat and asks if they both could see the fireworks together.
  7. Head to the marked location in your map and wait until evening to watch the fireworks.

This finishes Yoimiya’s story quest. This is the second requisite quest to continue with A Stormy Judgment archon quest.