How to Complete Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons

Dungeon Start

Notice the start of every dungeon, we stand outside the entrance and behind us is a closed gate. Press M to open your map and see that there are unexplored areas.

To be able to investigate those areas, we must first navigate the dungeon and retrieve the Lost Tome.

Finding the Lost Tome

Finding the tome is the main objective and is done quite easily. Yellow hexagon markers guide us to the chamber where the tome is found. The markers will also guid us towards the exit of the dungeon once we obtain the tome.

The first challenge here is getting past the hoard of monsters that roam every room and corridor. Some of them are weak and can be taken down with a single or even two swings of your weapon of choice. However, some of them are tougher and might require additional swings to put them down for good.

The second thing is, finding all of the chests and uncovering all the secrets.

Things To Look For

In order to fully complete the dungeon run, we must explore the entire map and uncover whatever things we can. This includes secrets, jars full of emeralds and hidden chests.

  1. Press M to check your map. At the bottom left corner we see our secondary objective.
  2. To uncover secrets look for:
    • Skeletons.
    • Crypts
    • Wooden Structure.
  3. Locating them gives us better chances of gaining reward items such as weapons, armors and artifacts classified as normal, rare and unique.
  4. Rewards are given at random and are dependent on the character’s level and dungeon’s difficulty.
  5. Once we have opened all the chests and found all the secrets, we can exit the dungeon.

Lacking Chests and Secrets?

So you’ve searched everywhere and were unable to find the missing chests or secrets. If you think you’ve scoured the entire map, think again. Remember this? There are unexplored areas outside but the thing is, the gate is closed and there’s no other way out of it.

To unlock that gate, we first need to obtain the Lost Tome. This is the primary objective of the Creepy Crypt after all. Once the tome is in your possession, head back to the dungeon entrance to exit the dungeon.

Once outside, check and see that the gate has been opened, and you are now free to investigate the unexplored parts of the map.

Expected Items

Dungeons display information about what type of weapons, armors or artifacts we receive before starting a mission. This helps us determine which dungeons to focus on to gain the preferred, best weapon the game can provide. Here are a few of the gears we can expect to get from the Creepy Crypt.


  1. Sword
  2. Pick Axe
  3. Bow
  4. Hunter Armor


  1. Boots of Swiftness
  2. Fishing Pole
  3. Tasty Bone
  4. Mystery Item

At the time of writing and playing the game, we have obtained all of the gear been doing runs to acquire the final mystery item. And since this is a dungeon crawler game, our character has leveled up a couple of times, and we now have additional mystery gear and artifacts.

The amount of mystery gear, artifacts and difficulty changes based on our characters level.