How to Complete Final Preparations in Witcher 3 – Part 1

After arriving at Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad. Geralt wastes no time in preparing to face the Eredin of the Wild Hunt. Right after the events in Kaer Morhen, his friends set out to find aid in defeating the Wild Hunt. And now that Imlerith is no more, morale is high for everyone involved.

Talk to Avallac’h

  1. Look for Avallac’h inside the Rosemary and Thyme.
  2. He then speaks of the two remaining generals of Eredin, Caranthir, and Ge’el.
  3. He also plans to visit Ge’el and persuade him to visit Corrine Tilly, an oneiromancer, a sorceress specialized in dream interpretation.

Through Time and Space

  1. Proceed outside Corrine Tilly’s house and join Avallac’h.
  2. At the basement is a portal which is supposed to lead you to another dimension to speak with Ge’el.
  3. Fight off the sandcrabs while waiting for the portal to activate.
  4. After entering the previous portal. Navigate your way towards the next one. Avoid the poisonous fumes.
  5. You’re teleported underwater. Proceed towards the next portal.
  6. Avoid freezing in the snow by hiding behind rocks and buildings until you reach the lighthouse.
  7. Meet with Avallac’h under the lighthouse and wait for the next portal.
  8. Finally we talk face to face with Ge’el, one of Eredin’s generals.
  9. Geralt and Avallac’h take him to Novigrad, and he agrees to dream his kings last moments.
  10. He then dreams of his king dying, and by his side was Eredin.
  11. After finding out that Avallac’h’s claim was true. He instructs everyone to sail into Skellige. To find the sunstone and summon the Naglfr and along with it, Eredin, and no Aen Elle shall aid him.
  12. Avallac’h transports Ge’el back then talks to Geralt about matters of trust. He insists that Ge’el is trustworthy, and that, with the help of everyone, they will be able to defeat Eredin.

Talk to Triss

  1. Talk to Triss inside the Rosemary and Thyme.
  2. She gets mad at Geralt after finding out that he took Ciri and fought Imlerith. Apologize to her on the time limited options to calm her down.
  3. She then divulges information about Philippa Eilhart’s abduction. Both Triss and Geralt proceed to the fountian outside Passiflora to perform hydromancy and locate where Philippa was taken.

Blindingly Obvious

  1. Head to the bath house with Triss. You arrive with Djikstra outside and Philippa on a rampage inside the bath house.
  2. Chase after Philippa. Defeat Djikstra’s henchmen in the bath house and take the secret door to enter the sewers. Avoid fighting Bart in the process.
  3. Sneak towards Philippa. Avoid making to much noise to catch her off guard.
  4. As you take Philippa back to the bath house, Djikstra wants to get her into his custody and have her pay for the assassination attempt on his life. But Geralt makes a deal with Djikstra, an exchange, business information on Vizima for Philippa’s freedom.
  5. Djikstra agrees and Triss takes Philippa out of the bath house.

Talk to Yennefer

  1. Go to Yennefer at Crippled Kate’s.
  2. Geralt tells her that Philippa is safe and is now with Triss.
  3. She also has information on Margarita and tells you she is held captive inside the Oxenfurt prison.
  4. Yennefer await’s the arrival of Abbé Faria, the only prisoner who escaped Oxenfurt prison.

The Great Escape

  1. As Yennefer utters his name, he bolts out of Crippled Kate’s. Catch him to find out how to enter the Oxenfurt prison undetected.
  2. After catching him on the roof, Geralt and Yennefer promises to let him go in exchange for the information.
  3. Try to talk to Zoltan about providing Mahakaman to the guards at the prison. Then proceed to meet Yennefer.
  4. Follow Yennefer to the designated location then enter the prison through the well.
  5. Enter the chambers until you find a water hag. Kill it then use your Witcher Sense on this side of the wall to find a mechanism.
  6. Check on other chambers using your Witcher Sense to find a lever.
  7. Now head back to fix the broken mechanism and use it to open a door to the sewers.
  8. At this point, turn right and enter the prison. If Zoltan had delivered ale, the guards will be drunk and asleep, but if not, then you will have to kill them all.
  9. Search the rooms to find the cell where Sile and Margarita are being held. Look for the warden upstairs and obtain the key to unlock the cell door.
  10. Eliminate every guard and the warden. Search his body to obtain the key then head back to Margarita.
  11. Alert Yennefer and have her enter the prison through the sewers to rescue Margarita and Sile. Sile, however, is in bad shape and can no longer make it; she wishes to die on her own terms and asks that she be killed. We volunteer to grant her wish and spare Yennefer from suffering regret.
  12. After putting her to rest, exit the prison and wait until dawn. (This only appears if you exit the prison during the night.)

Help Ciri Take Care Of Her Business in Novigrad

Help Ciri meet with the folks that extended help during her short stay in Novigrad. Get to know them and maybe extend some help as well.


  1. Follow Ciri and check on Whoreson Junior.
  2. Find Bea in the Golden Sturgeon.
  3. Head to Valdo and his troupe at Farcorners. Talk with him and join them on a horse race.
  4. During their preparation to depart from Novigrad, they run into a problem with their transportation. Their horses are in bad shape and locals aren’t selling them horse’s. They’re at risk of being burned alive on a pyre, so Ciri proposes to steal horses to help them get on their way.
  5. You agree and proceed to the stables. Climb up and enter by the window.
  6. Look for the key on the table to open the door, so Ciri can enter the stable.
  7. Calm the spooked horses using the Axii sign.

A cut scene will play with the three of you fleeing the Redanian guards using the stolen horses and return back to Valdo’s.

Now we need to meet with Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceress at Dandelion’s Inn.