How to Complete Final Preparations in Witcher 3 – Part 2

Meet With Yennefer at Dandelions Inn

Before heading off to Skellige, we must first visit Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceresses at Rosemary and Thyme to complete the final preparations. Before we can enter the room, Ciri is waiting by the stairs and eagerly wants to talk to Geralt.

She is concerned that Philippa and Margarita might be planning something, and they may want to take Ciri with them. Geralt and Ciri talk with Philippa and Margarita and find out that they plan to recruit Ciri into becoming a sorceress, and she becomes the one leading the Lodge. This would be favorable to the Lodge because the Emperor is Ciri’s father.

It Takes Three To Tango

After meeting with the Lodge, Yennefer and Triss wake up Geralt with a tempting proposal. They are speaking of how the three of them might be able to spend their remaining time together before facing the Wild Hunt.

They’ve invited Geralt to come by the Kingfisher Inn during the evening and have him find out what they were preparing. This side quest is the result of romancing both Triss and Yennefer. As a way to punish Geralt for having been in relationships with the two sorceresses.

They seduce him into thinking that he’d have a good time with the both of them just before setting off to Skellige. Geralt is then bound by chains and is being teased. However, Yennerfer and Triss storm out of the room, leaving Geralt helpless. The sorceresses then tell Dandelion of what has happened, and he arrives to unchain Geralt.

Battle Preparations

It is now time to meet with Avallac’h at the docks to sail to Skellige. As soon as Geralt arrives at the docks, we overhear Yennefer, Philippa, and Margarita talk about being granted amnesty by Emhyr. Also part of the conversation was Fringilla, another sorceress, held captive by Emhyr.

After arriving in Skellige, the main objective has been to find the sunstone. To find it and fight the Wild Hunt, they will need Fringilla Vigo.

The Sunstone

  1. Find Crach and ask about Ermion.
  2. Go to Lugos’ estate and talk to Ermion.
  3. We arrive with Lugos and Ermion arguing about aiding the black ones instead of the Skelligers. Lugos refuses to aide Crach and has been very vocal about it ever since.
  4. As Geralt butts in the conversation, Lugos immediately responds by accusing Crach of sending the Witcher to kill him. He then orders his men to attack.
  5. After killing Lugos and his men, head outside Lugos’ territory and talk to Ermion. The druid will then tell Geralt about the civil war he had caused just by extending his help to Crach an Craite.
  6. After the discussion between Lugos and Crach, ask Ermion about the sunstones location.
  7. Head to Arinbjorn and talk to Eyvind the bard. He will tell you about the possible location of the sunstone.
  8. After gathering information about the sunstones’ whereabouts, head back to the port and meet with Yennefer. Upon arrival Yennefer tells Geralt that Ciri has observed Avallac’h examining a site in Ard Skellige and that the elven sage might be hiding something. The quest Child of the Elder Blood is now unlocked.
  9. Meet Philippa in the Elven Ruins and investigate.
  10. You and Philippa arrive in a chamber where the sunstone resides. In order to reveal its location in the cave, shift the mirrors until the light points towards the sunstone.
  11. There’s no actual sequence with shifting the mirror, but, to make things easy, we will use this image as a reference. Using this view, proceed to mirror A and interact with the lever to shift it.
  12. After shifting mirror A, proceed to mirror B. There will be a ghost that appears as you get near the mirror. Defeat it and interact with the lever to shift the mirror.
  13. Finally, head towards mirror C. Defeat the ghost that will appear near the stairs and interact with the lever to shift the mirror.
  14. The beam from the mirror reveals the location of the sunstone. Proceed to examine the sunstone.
  15. After obtaining the sunstone, Geralt doubts Philippa’s motives. He suspects that she will take off with the stone and use it for herself. However, Philippa exposes her plan to overtake the Lodge giving Yennefer’s meteoric rise an immediate end. She wishes Yennefer to be as far away as possible when she leads the Lodge.

Child of the Elder Blood

  1. Alone in the cave, navigate your way out and head towards the island of Pali Gap Coast where Avallac’h’s laboratory is located.
  2. While Yennefer attempts to open the door, Geralt and Ciri, fight the awakened golem. Defeat it and wait until the door opens.
  3. Use your Witcher Senses to explore and find clues inside the laboratory.
  4. Search for the sweets.
  5. Examine the books.
  6. All these will lead you to a chamber where the genealogical chart of Aen Hen Ichaer, the Elder Blood is found.
  7. Check the perfume and mirror.
  8. Enter the door opposite the chart and inside is a she-elf whom Ciri remembers seeing from Tir na Lia. She expresses disgust for Ciri calling her a degenerate half-breed.
  9. Meet with Ciri outside. She will then talk about Skjall from Hindersfjall. After finding out that he is dead, go with her and give Skjall a proper burial to complete the side quest Skjall’s Grave.

Veni Vidi Vigo

Before sailing to Skellige, Yennefer finds out the Fingilla is being held captive by Emhyr in his dungeons and transported inside his ship. Yennefer gave Geralt a piece of paper containing the agreement they had. To retrieve Fringilla:

  1. Head to the bay where Emhyr’s fleet is stationed. Swim towards its anchor side without alerting the guards. Do this by avoiding the light.
  2. As soon as you get near the anchor, the guards will recognize Geralt and will not attack.
  3. Board the ship and present the letter to Emhyr, this will prompt him to release Fringilla.
  4. After teleporting back to the port, find Avallac’h and let him know that everything is ready.

Before proceeding any further, make sure that you have already completed the quest Reason of State. This is where Geralt, Roche, Thaler, and Djikstra execute the assassination of Radovid with the help of Philippa. If not, now is the time to complete it.